Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program- Apply Now!!! |


Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program- Apply Now!!!


Scholarships are available for university courses leading to a master’s and doctoral degree as well as technical and professional training and internships. Applicants must be citizens of developing countries of the Francophonie.


Candidates are selected by local advisory committees using a quota system for each country. They take into consideration the applicants’ jobs in a sector or institution that needs to be strengthened and their academic excellence.


The scholarship is intended for nationals of countries of the Francophonie who are in need of training. Those selected are invited to study a Masters, PhD or Post Doc program in Canada. The selection is based on a quota system for each country. A local advisory committee, which includes representatives of various ministries, selects candidates. An accredited Canadian diplomatic mission acts as an observer in order to ensure transparency of the process.

The aim of the scholarship is to build organizational capacity in La Francophonie’s developing nations. This is achieved by enhancing the academic abilities of college and university staff and by training teachers, especially in technical and vocational education.

The scholarship consists of a full package of benefits, which covers tuition fees and living expenses. It also includes a round-trip economy airfare from the candidate’s home country to Canada, and health insurance coverage. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the type of program and the recipient’s country of origin. Normally, it is not enough to cover the tuition fee, so scholars are advised to find a way of funding their studies.

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The CFSP is a scholarship program intended to help employed nationals from developing countries of La Francophonie build their institutional capacity.


Each local selection committee, in coordination with the accredited Canadian diplomatic mission, selects applicants to be awarded scholarships. A maximum number of candidates per country are chosen based on their academic excellence, the relevance of their study program, and the potential to contribute upon their return to their home countries.


Some scholarships pay one time money while others provide a package of benefits that include travel allowance, living expenses and research grants. Applicants should prepare their application documents and submit it to the relevant Canadian embassy or consulate. This includes an application form, academic transcripts, language proficiency test results, letters of recommendation and a research proposal.

Institutions targeted by recipient countries run in-house recruitment campaigns to identify the best candidates with great potential who will help strengthen their institutions’ capacities upon return from their studies.

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The local selection committee, in cooperation with a representative of the Canadian partner (Canadian Bureau for International Education/World University Service of Canada), selects a limited number of candidates each year.

The criteria considered include the candidates’ jobs in the sector or institution to be strengthened and their level of academic excellence. Fluency in spoken and written French is also mandatory. The selected candidates are then asked to apply for admission at a college or university in Canada.


The CFSP is open to nationals from developing countries in the French-speaking world that are members of La Francophonie and recipients of official development assistance. Recipient countries conduct internal recruitment campaigns to identify duly qualified candidates with the greatest potential to help strengthen their institutions’ capacities upon return from Canada.

Applicants are chosen in their nation by a committee of local academics, with the supervision of an authorized Canadian diplomatic mission. The selection criteria are based on both the academic merit of the candidate and the institution’s needs.

The CFSP covers tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs. It is offered for a university education at the master’s or doctoral level, and technical and vocational training. The program is administered by the Canadian Bureau for International Education on behalf of Global Affairs Canada.

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The CFSP is a Fully Funded Scholarship program for Master’s and Ph.D degree programs. It is a prestigious initiative that is endorsed by the Canadian government.

Recipient countries run internal recruitment campaigns to ascertain duly qualified candidates who will assist in the strengthening of their institution’s capacities on return to their nation. The local advisory committee takes into account the applicants’ jobs in their sectors or institutions to be strengthened as well as their academic excellence and fluency in spoken and written French.

Applicants must submit official transcripts, results of language proficiency tests (in French or English depending on the university they will attend), letters of recommendation and a research proposal for doctoral students. They must also provide a medical certificate stating that they are in good health.

Scholarships are offered for different fields of study and varying in value. Normally, they come with a full package of benefits that will cover tuition fee, living allowance and even research grants. This is one of the best ways to fund your studies and enhance your career prospects.



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