Carleton Prestige Scholarships in Canada- Apply Now!!! |


Carleton Prestige Scholarships in Canada- Apply Now!!!

Carleton Prestige Scholarships

Carleton Prestige Scholarships are designed to help incoming international students with significant financial support to attend the university. These awards cover tuition, books and other expenses. Scholarship recipients also gain access to a range of opportunities for leadership and community involvement.


Prestige Scholarships are the highest scholarships offered at Carleton. They include the Chancellor’s Scholarship, the Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarship, the Carleton University Scholarship of Excellence, the SHAD Scholarship, the Jay Woo and CAA Scholarship, the Riordon Scholarship, and the Collins Prestige Scholarship.


Carleton University, ranked as one of the leading comprehensive universities in Canada, is offering Scholarships for 2023/2024 Undergraduate students. The University is inviting all students to apply for the Prestige Scholarship. The Scholarships are fully-funded and cover tuition fees, books and living expenses for the duration of the program.

Carleton Prestige Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional leadership and community involvement. The scholarship provides full tuition for four years of study, as well as books and room and board, and Carleton health insurance. This is made possible through the generous support of the Starr Foundation.

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Carleton Prestige Scholarships are designed to support high-achieving incoming undergraduate students. The university wants to recognize their academic achievements and leadership skills, as well as give them a chance to experience life at one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and research funding. It is tenable for up to four years of the student’s undergraduate studies.

Eligible applicants can apply for the Carleton Prestige Scholarship through the online application form for admission. To be considered for the prestige scholarships, applicants must have an admission average of 90% or better and have demonstrated leadership roles in their secondary school or community extra-curricular activities. The selection committee will also consider the range of these activities.


In addition to the Carleton Prestige Scholarships, the university offers several other entrance scholarships and bursaries for incoming undergraduate students. These include the Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship, the Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarship, and the Carleton University Scholarships of Excellence. The Riordon Scholarship and the Collins Prestige Scholarship cover all tuition fees for the first year, capped at the equivalent of the Canadian domestic full tuition fee amount.

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These scholarships are designed to help students from all backgrounds pursue their academic goals at a university that is both respected and renowned. They are a great opportunity to study in a dynamic, multicultural environment where you will be part of a community of scholars from around the world.


If you are interested in applying for a prestige scholarship, there are a few things to keep in mind. Prestige scholarships are typically established by universities to recognize and reward high-achieving students. They are also a way to encourage and motivate students to continue climbing the academic ladder and achieve their goals.

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To be considered for a prestige scholarship, you must have an admission average of 90 percent or better and have participated in extra-curricular activities throughout your secondary school career, including leadership roles.

Application instructions

Carleton University offers one of Canada’s most generous scholarship and bursary programs to its undergraduate students. Incoming international undergraduate students with an admission average of 90% or higher and who have demonstrated leadership roles in extra-curricular activities are eligible for a variety of Carleton Prestige Scholarships.

These scholarships cover full tuition fees, plus living expenses. They are offered to the top incoming international undergraduate and master’s students (based on an admission average of 90% or above).

Carleton is a top-five comprehensive university in Canada and is ranked globally for research, teaching and employability. Its students experience immersive learning through degree-related, real-world work experience, hands-on research, and community engagement in addition to traditional classroom instruction.



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