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Magnet Forensics Is Hiring A Digital Marketing Manager

Job Details

Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager


Employer: Magnet Forensics

Location: 156 Columbia St W Unit 2, Waterloo, Ontario

Employment Type: Full-time

Start Date: Starts as soon as possible 

Verified: Yes


About Us

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigative software that helps to acquire, analyze, and share evidence from computers, smartphones, tablets, and other IoT-related devices. We are consistent about innovation so that our customers will be able to deploy advanced and effective tools to protect their companies, communities, and countries.

Over the years, Grayshift and Magnet Forensics have come together to become one organization. We accelerate innovation and transform digital investigations for our customers. Also, we are pleased to share that the combined organization is operating as Magnet Forensics.


The combination of mobile, cloud, and computer forensics expertise under the Magnet Forensics name underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive, end-to-end DFIR solutions. Furthermore, it includes our commitment to helping with access to modern digital devices lawfully with our renowned product suite. In addition, our focus on innovating for the DFIR community, coupled with our shared mission has continued to be prioritized.

Marketing Team

The Marketing team is in charge of developing and leading programs at every stage of the marketing funnel. As well as to drive demand and create opportunities for our global sales team.

Your Accomplishment

As a digital marketing manager, you will gain expertise in paid media strategy and campaign management. Along with responsibilities to plan and oversee all aspects of paid media and native advertising on channels such as Google, stackadapt, Bing, and social media platforms. Furthermore, you will gain experience managing and providing direction to external agencies for the execution and optimization of all ad campaigns.

You will draft digital-optimized copy for ads and landing pages, with support from our internal content experts. As well as lead end-to-end digital campaigns like TOF awareness campaigns and customer retargeting campaigns. This comes with a focus on digital ad campaigns, optimizing conversion landing pages, and always-on ABM programs.

You will have the ability to lead content syndication efforts such as researching industry publications, evaluating and recommending appropriate content channels, and monitoring results for effectiveness. While also working with all internal stakeholders to define ad targeting and collaborate on A/B testing for all messaging and creative. In addition, you will measure and report results for all paid media campaigns, with a focus on driving lead conversion and sales pipeline.

Also, identify industry trends and insights to share with the digital team and leadership. This will help the continuous evolution and optimizing of results. 

What We Are Looking For

We are in search of an individual who checks off most, but not all, of the boxes listed in skills and experiences. Meanwhile, it’s very essential to find candidates who can display indicators of success through skills and experience that they have developed and been a part of. Rather than to find individuals who have been there, and done that. Additionally, we want to be part of your development journey, while also learning as much from you as you learn from us. 


  • You must have a university degree in business, marketing, or a related field.
  • Possess a two-year B2B marketing experience in digital.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding of Google AdWords, as well as paid social channels.
  • You must also have experience managing an advertising budget and reporting on ad program results.
  • Possess an in-depth experience with Google Analytics, plus the ability to use data to deliver actionable insights and optimizations.
  • Have experience with web management platforms and the desire to learn new technologies and platforms in the marketing tech stack.


Please Note:

We are searching to recruit candidates who can provide examples of how they have demonstrated Magnet InteGRITy in their previous experiences. Scroll down to understand!

Greater Good – We think beyond our interests and strive to improve communities around the world. This demonstrates our passion for making a difference in the world.

Respect – We hold ourselves accountable through transparent sharing of information and we have faith in each other’s abilities

Innovation – We lead the industry in excellence and reliability while keeping the user experience simple and relevant. We are not afraid to push the boundaries to stay ahead of our competitors.

Teamwork – We collaborate internally and externally while caring about each other and listening to our customers.

How To Apply

Apply online by sending your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

What Do Digital Marketers Do?

As a digital marketing manager, you will need to understand the needs of the customers, and then tailor and communicate a value proposition to such customers. Digital marketers work with lots of data to gain an understanding of the audience, their pain points, and how they’re using a particular product. After which they will use that understanding to inform messaging and sometimes product strategy.

Interestingly, communication methods (which happen online, of course) are what sets digital marketing apart from every other mode of marketing. Digital marketers also rely heavily on digital data analysis for market and user research. Although they may incorporate more traditional research methods, like focus groups. They get across to their audiences through any of the following. Scroll down!

Terms In Digital Marketing 

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is also known as Paid Search or Pay-per-Click (PPC). It is the practice of placing advertisements on search engine results pages. Some examples of Paid Search ads are those posts at the top of your Google search results. In addition, paid search marketers bid for spots on SERPs, paying for the ads based on user engagement rates.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This refers to making sure that a particular website ranks high organically in top search engine results. Instead of paying for ads in top spots, SEO marketers often optimize the design of websites, and the technical and in-text aspects of web content, to communicate their authority and relevance to Google.
  • Content Marketing: This is a very important component of SEO. It is aimed at increasing brand awareness, conversions, and ultimately sales through high-value, relevant, authoritative written, and visual online content.
  • Social Media Marketing: As a digital marketer, you will seek both organic reach and paid advertising opportunities on social media. This will help you segment audiences and better differentiate their messaging.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing, like mailing lists and re-marketing campaigns, takes advantage of the personalization capabilities of email as a communication method.

Traits Of Successful Digital Marketing Managers

Digital marketing is a highly dynamic and demanding job whereby your labor can take a long time to become visible and bear fruit. Below, we have compiled some of the most important skill sets that a successful digital marketer will possess. Read on!

Adaptability And Creative Problem-Solving

As a digital marketing manager, there’s a chance that you will face something new every day. Whether it’s negative customer reviews or a Google update that has your site rankings plummeting. Furthermore, digital marketers of any specialization are constantly faced with novel challenges, trends, and tools of the trade. Therefore, to stay on top, you must be willing to go with the flow and embrace change with open arms.

Curiosity And Love Of Learning

The need for adaptability comes from the need for a natural curiosity and love of learning. Technology and trends today change at a very fast pace, placing ever-new demands on digital marketers to adapt to the new Google algorithm or master that new analytics tool. As such, it takes a true love of learning to be up to the task.

Leadership Skills

Digital marketing managers are just that – managers. To do their jobs well, they must be able to communicate clearly and conscientiously to a team of differentiated specialists, steering a coherent strategy toward meeting customers’ needs. This requires a blend of hard and soft skills for fostering team-driven problem-solving.

Business Acumen

As a digital marketing manager who wants to meet customers’ needs profitably, you must be able to balance user interests with the scope and interests of the business. This requires a keen understanding not just of best business practices, but of the particular business providing the product or service.

Analytic Skills

While digital marketing managers may oversee content marketing campaigns, they operate at a removal from the frontlines of production. Instead, they’re responsible for aggregating and analyzing the data that will inform strategy, then mapping out and communicating that strategy to their team. This role requires command of current and developing analytics tools, as well as the ability to comb through data with great attention to detail.


As mentioned above, digital marketing isn’t focused on events, but processes. In the field of digital marketing, what you plant today may not be harvested for many months. Digital marketers may not see the fruits of their labor right away, and as technologies and trends evolve, the job comes down to a lot of trial and error. Successful digital marketers are persistent problem-solvers who take failure (or uncertainty) as an opportunity to grow.


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