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McMan Is Hiring An Executive Assistant

Job Details

Job Title: Executive Assistant


Employer: McMan


Wage: $53,727 – $59,697 per year / 32 hours per week

Employment Type: Part-time

Start Date: Starts as soon as possible 


Verified: Yes


Job Description

McMan Youth, Family, and Community Services Association of Calgary and Area is an organization that aims to make a difference in the lives of over 3500 children, youth, adults, and families annually. Our organization supports children, youth, adults, and families with complex needs such as mental health issues, addictions, homelessness, poverty, and disability. We provide them with the services and support they need to thrive and live a good life. 

At McMan, we exist because we believe in everyone’s deep and infinite worth. Furthermore, no matter who you are or where you come from, we will always walk with you. In everything we do, we will be humble and bold. Through these actions, we will be receptive, relevant, relational, and real with our community.

Our organization is in search of an experienced Executive Assistant who wishes to join us, providing confidential technical, and administrative support to the Executive Director. This is a part-time position of 32 hours per week.



The Executive Assistant will need to provide timely, accurate, and efficient support to the Executive Director. This job role is in charge of researching information, drafting both internal and external correspondence, and coordinating, and scheduling meetings. Some of these include Provincial and Regional Board meetings, Agency meetings, team meetings, and external meetings, both in virtual and in-person settings. 

The Key Aspects Of An Executive Assistant

  • As an executive assistant, you will produce quality information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics
  • Also, you will read, research, and route correspondence. As well as draft letters, and documents, and analyze information.
  • You will need to prepare reports by collecting and analyzing information.
  • In addition, you must maintain confidentiality and protect operations by keeping all information confidential.
  • You will have to provide historical references by developing and utilizing filing and recording meeting discussions.
  • As well as maintaining the Executive Director’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and trips. 
  • Setting up and maintaining the calendar for all deadlines and major activities. You will need to send reminders to relevant Managers, directors, and external stakeholders.
  • You will create both provincial and regional board meeting packages which include l Human Resources statistics, combined service delivery, and financial reports.
  • Also, you will help in the preparation of information packages, attendance, and design motions for the annual general meeting including the preparation of the annual report.
  • Likewise, you must attend internal and external meetings and take meeting minutes, prepare draft minutes for approval, and circulation.
  • Prepare presentations to provide information and inform decision-making.
  • As well as assisting in the organization of special events as required.



  • You must have a Diploma or Degree in Administration or similar.
  • Obtain Four or more years of relevant experience in administration.
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, program planning, and administrative abilities.
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Also, you must have advanced computer software skills in Microsoft Office Suite, and Sharevision.
  • Have a high level of detail orientation in the execution of tasks.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and adequate automobile insurance.
  • Obtain a current (6 months or less) Police / Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Intervention Check.

McMan provides a solid blend of an extensive benefit plan, personal days, and the opportunity to contribute to the community at large. You will have access to benefits within the first month of employment. And also with a plan package that includes vision, dental, prescription drug coverage, and an Employee Assistance Program.

In addition, we have a 100% employer contribution pension plan that is provided after 6 months of employment. With paid vacation, a flexible schedule, and personal days, the organization encourages a great work-life balance.


Equal Opportunity 

McMan is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our organization recognizes that a diverse staff benefits and enriches the work environment and contributes to organizational excellence. As such, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates including those from diverse and indigenous backgrounds and those with disabilities.

If you feel you have the skills, background, and desire to work in an extremely rewarding and challenging environment, you should apply now. If you wish to make a difference, then make it with McMan. 

We appreciate all applicants for their interest, but only the selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

How To Apply

Apply online by sending your resume and cover letter to:

The Importance Of Executive Assistants      

Because of the rapidly changing work environments and technological advancement, executive assistants have now worked on and occupied even more roles than before. Previously, executive assistants were seen only as gatekeepers to executives, in charge of answering phone calls, and taking messages, however, it’s not so anymore. 

As of today, technology now offers executives a plethora of tools that can help them carry out these tasks. Note-taking apps, scheduling solutions, business travel platforms, and task management platforms mean that the level of administrative support executives need has reduced over the years. Even at that, executive assistants are far from obsolete. 

Furthermore, they now occupy a strategic and administrative role. They also transition from helping out with decision-making to technical assistance, internal communications, overseeing business travel, and event planning to name a few.     

Skills Top Executive Assistants Must Possess 

Be Organized 

As a professional executive assistant, you will need to possess otherworldly organizational skills. You are essentially in charge of two extremely busy workloads, which include yours and the executive you work for. Therefore, you will need to be able to prioritize everything that you have planned to do and see to it as efficiently as possible.

Being able to perfectly multitask is an essential quality. Regardless of how well you’ve planned your day, emergencies and urgent issues that require your immediate attention will inevitably pop up and you must be flexible to handle them. Once it has been handled, you should be able to return to your schedule with ease. Additionally, you must be organized in a way that any information you or your executive needs at a moment’s notice is at your fingertips.   

Be Cool, Calm, And Collected

If you ask any executive assistant about how to be a better staff member, they will probably tell you that it’s important to know how to remain calm and keep a level head in stressful situations. Higher-level executives are normally under extreme pressure and this is normally passed on to their executive assistant. Therefore, you have to maintain your composure and make your life a lot easier by dealing with the many crises that are bound to pop up daily.

Be An Ambassador

As an executive assistant, you will need to familiarize yourself with the organization’s goals and values as well as those of your employer. You also must understand the bigger picture and keep it in mind, particularly when dealing with people external to the organization.

Endeavor to take the time to understand the values and the intimate workings of the company. Get to know all the team members and what their duties and responsibilities are. This ensures that you are prepared to answer questions and even make decisions in the best interest of the exec as well as the company.

Be An Excellent Communicator

An executive assistant must constantly deal with and interact with people. From the executive they work for and their team members within the company to clients and stakeholders outside of the organization. You are a spokesperson for the executive and for the company and must therefore possess great communication skills as well as people skills. 

Possessing a skill set that includes empathy and emotional intelligence will help as you build relationships that will become crucial for you to do your job. A good executive assistant needs to be active on LinkedIn, and Meetup, and busy during social events, networking with other assistants and contacts who will come in handy further down the line. 

Be An Adept Anticipator 

This is a tricky one and normally comes with years of experience. By using their experience and possessing an understanding of both potential situations and your boss’ habits and needs, a great executive assistant can anticipate and overcome stumbling blocks before they occur. 

Becoming an expert problem solver of this level will not only make you an invaluable personal assistant but will also help make your job feel a lot easier. Crisis after crisis can be averted with a little strategic planning.    

Be A Great Thinker

Along with being able to anticipate problems, you also need to know how to solve them on the fly. As an executive assistant, you will face countless situations that might not necessarily have textbook solutions you can refer to. You will need to think outside the box and use every tool at your disposal to get to the bottom of a problem.

With this comes a certain level of autonomy. You will need to feel comfortable making decisions yourself and make those spur-of-the-moment calls at the right time. Of course, it’s important to understand the limits of your power and find the right balance between the two.   

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