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URGENT: Experienced Warehouse Order Picker Is Wanted

Job Details

Job Title: Warehouse Order Picker


Employer: Islands West Manufacturers

Location: 4247 DIEPPE RD, Victoria, BC

Wage: $18.50 per hour

Job Schedule: Monday to Friday (4:30 am to 01:00 pm)

Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full-time


Start date: Starts as soon as possible

Verified: Yes

Language: English


  • Extended healthcare benefits eligibility
  • Employee discounts on products.
  • Development opportunities.

Full Job Description 

If you wish to be a member of a dynamic and growing team, Islands West Produce has the right job for you! With a long history in Victoria, we have a standing record of providing excellent client service and being passionate about our Islands West product offerings. Furthermore, our Warehouse Order Picker will have to perform a wide variety of duties to fulfill Islands West customer orders.

As a picker, you will perform duties like physically picking products from locations, adding stickers, and loading orders onto pallets while focusing on quality and accuracy. Other duties also include loading pallets on trucks, replenishing each’s/ lbs. locations, assisting with breaking pallets down at the time of receiving, and general warehouse housekeeping.


After completion of training, you will receive an earning potential of up to $1.50/hr. in performance incentives and a $0.50/hour increase following probation.

What Does A Warehouse Order Picker Do?

A warehouse order picker is responsible for preparing customer orders for shipment and delivery. They are in charge of picking and packing items as per the order sheets they are required to fulfill. Furthermore, they are commonly employed to work in warehouses or storage depots but increasingly are found fulfilling online orders in supermarkets or retail outlets. 

Warehouse order pickers also do some other warehouse duties, such as loading and unloading shipments and deliveries, making stock checks, and operating warehouse machinery.


  • You will efficiently oversee the operation of order picking, checking products for quality and accuracy, filling shorts, loading, and shipping.
  • You will check and audit picked orders for quality and accuracy.
  • Also, you must endeavor to practice in a safe, organized working environment.
  • However, you will work with very little supervision and from the guidance of your Supervisor/Operations Manager.
  • In addition, you will conduct inventory counts as directed.
  • While also ensuring that only the best possible product for the customer is picked with great attention to detail.
  • You will attend as directed, all team meetings, training meetings, and/or professional development sessions.


  • You must have previous work experience in food manufacturing or assembly line work, as it is considered an asset.
  • Also, having pallet-jack and forklift experience is an asset.
  • Have the ability to safely bend, twist, and lift to 50 lbs. consistently.
  • Have the ability to walk and stand for the duration of your scheduled shift.
  • Ability to work in a refrigerated environment.

Experience Required For Warehouse Order Pickers

Warehouse order pickers need to have at least one year of experience working in a busy warehouse environment. Employers can look for candidates with experience working in supermarket stock rooms or storage depots. Also, they can consider applicants with experience working in logistics, such as Delivery Drivers or Lorry Drivers.

Education And Training For Warehouse Order Pickers

Warehouse order pickers do not require a formal education. However, employers always search for candidates with good GCSE results in math and English to ensure that they can communicate well. Furthermore, employers often provide on-the-job training, but some may prefer candidates who already have existing training. 

Particularly if they need them to be trained in operating heavy machinery or forklifts. Entry-level candidates often gain experience through warehouse apprenticeships.

Terms For Warehouse Order Pickers  

Customer Orders

These are order requests that are made by customers for products or services. Warehouse order pickers use customer orders by auditing them to ensure that the merchandise is properly packed before shipping. They also perform forklift and electric pallet jack operations, as this will allow them to precisely pick orders.

Warehouse order pickers manage customer orders and validate inventory to make sure that order deliveries are accurate. They create customer orders for shipment according to invoice specifications. As well as print and distribute incoming customer orders to pickers. They also fulfill customer orders and deliver them to customers.


A pallet is a flat structure used to store and move goods. Warehouse order pickers make use of these pallets to transport and store products. They prepare pallets by following prescribed stacking arrangements and properly tagging them. In addition, they use manual pallet jacks to move pallets with boxes stacked on them. 

These are further stacked cargo in locations like transit sheds or hold lanes using pallets or cargo boards. They also use ride-on pallet jacks to pick and assemble orders on pallets.

Warehouse Environment

A warehouse environment is a large building or space that is used for storing and managing inventory. These pickers use the warehouse environment to gather orders, pick inventory, and prepare them for shipping. Meanwhile, they must maintain a clean and organized warehouse environment, operate heavy equipment like forklifts, and follow safety standards to prevent hazards. Additionally, they will make use of technology like voice pick systems and SAP software to efficiently fulfill orders in a fast-paced warehouse environment.

Electric Pallet Jack

An electric pallet jack is a tool that is used to lift and move pallets. Warehouse order pickers often use these electric pallet jacks to efficiently move and pick orders. They must ensure to operate the equipment while understanding safety protocols. Also, they use it to load and unload merchandise.

Safety Procedures

Safety procedures are prepared guidelines that help to protect workers from harm or getting injured. Pickers use safety procedures by handling currency and credit transactions quickly and accurately, resolving complaints professionally, and maintaining food safety procedures. They also follow proper selection and safety procedures, while performing all work according to established operating and safety procedures.

As well as remaining up-to-date on OSHA requirements and safety procedures. They also adhere to and promote established safety procedures, utilize and enforce proper safety procedures when working around heavy machinery, and practice safety procedures such as lifting, bending, and twisting.

RF Scanner

An RF scanner is a handheld device that uses radio waves to read barcodes and communicate with a computer system. Warehouse order pickers often make use of RF scanners to accurately pick orders, track inventory, and replenish stock. They also use the scanner to scan barcodes on products and shelves.

While the device communicates with a computer system to verify the product and location. This helps them to ensure that the correct products are picked and delivered to customers on time. For instance, one order picker used an RF scanner to “pick orders for Retail stores using a Gladiator RF scanner to find the location of the product.”

Safety Rules

Safety rules are guidelines that help prevent harm and injuries in the workplace. Order pickers use safety rules in various ways. They follow established safety rules and regulations to maintain a safe and clean environment.

Furthermore, they will learn company policies and procedures, as well as follow safety rules for battery packaging. In addition, they adhere to all safety rules and procedures, operate ride-along pallet jacks abiding by all safety rules and regulations, and track merchandise at every step by tagging and scanning.

Pick Orders

Pick orders are requests for specific products to be collected from inventory and prepared for shipment. Order pickers use pick orders to fulfill customer orders by retrieving the items from storage and packing them into boxes or onto pallets. They then load the prepared orders onto trucks or other delivery vehicles for transport to their destinations. In some cases, they may also be responsible for maintaining inventory levels or performing quality control checks on merchandise before it is shipped out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse order picker?

As a warehouse order picker, you are responsible for finding items on storage shelves or in rooms using barcodes or serial numbers. You must securely shrink-wrap them before placing them into envelopes or boxes for safe delivery. In addition, you may have to operate equipment like forklifts to load trucks for daily deliveries.

What makes a good warehouse order picker?

A successful warehouse order picker is a highly organized person who understands the importance of the picking process. They pay close attention to detail and can improve travel times and warehouse logistics.

Who does a warehouse order picker work with?

As a warehouse order picker, you will work with your teammates to ensure that all purchases are correctly picked and accounted for. You will also work closely with the Stock Controller to adequately stock shelves and storage areas.

What makes for a great warehouse order picker job description?

A great warehouse order picker job description gives candidates a good idea of the ethos and values of the company, alongside the work environment they can expect to be part of. It also details the targets that successful candidates are expected to meet and the bonuses or perks they can expect to receive for meeting them.

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