Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships in Switzerland- Apply Now!!! |


Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships in Switzerland- Apply Now!!!

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships in Switzerland

The Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships in Switzerland equip students with the tools to take on leadership roles around the world. The program is located in a global hub for international governance and provides access to cutting-edge research across disciplines.


Scholarships are based on merit and financial need. Full scholarships waive tuition fees and include a generous stipend. Partial scholarships cover tuition fees.


The University of Geneva, Faculty of Science offers this Scholarship program for international students. The scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their academic achievement and excellence.

Applicants are required to have an outstanding academic record and meet the admission requirements of the Master’s degree programs. The University of Geneva is internationally renowned for its research, with several highly competitive national Centres of Competence. Its wide range of disciplines include astronomy, biology, mathematics, computer sciences, earth sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and physics.

The Graduate Institute is committed to support talented scholars from around the world, regardless of their financial background. Aid packages may consist of a cost-of-living scholarship, a tuition reduction or a paid position in different proportions and are given with consideration to both financial need and academic merit.

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In addition to a strong multidisciplinary approach and excellent teaching, it is characterized by its global perspective and its close ties with actors in international Geneva (diplomatic missions, international organizations and non-governmental institutions). These facets make the university an unique density of expertise on the major issues of our times.


The university is an international and interdisciplinary environment that attracts many international students. Its multicultural community provides a rich diversity of experiences. Geneva is also an extremely safe city and offers a very high standard of living. Its students benefit from a large number of student services and are actively encouraged to take part in the numerous social, cultural and sporting activities that are organized.


The Graduate Institute is a unique institution with a global reputation and an excellent international academic network. It provides students with the theoretical, analytical and practical tools to tackle today’s most pressing world issues.

Its interdisciplinary approach and its strong focus on global governance, development and the multifaceted question of sustainability make it an essential partner for all those who wish to play leading roles in international arenas – whether in teaching or research, government or non-governmental organizations or business.

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The Institute devotes considerable resources to financial aid, with a view to supporting the most talented scholars regardless of their background or financial ability. It offers a range of financial packages, including cost-of-living scholarships, tuition reduction and a paid position in various proportions.


As a leading university in Switzerland, Graduate Institute Geneva equips its students with the intellectual and practical means to play key roles in the world arena – whether in academic research, national or international public service, not-for-profit organizations or private businesses.

Its world-class faculty and multidisciplinary analysis of global themes, combined with its strategic location in Geneva – a hub for global governance – make it a unique institution.

The university invests considerably in financial aid, aiming to help its students regardless of their origin and level of income. Scholarships are awarded both on the basis of need and merit, such as a full annual scholarship covering living expenses or tuition reduction, or in conjunction with a paid internship position or teaching assistantship.

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Students who wish to apply for financial assistance should indicate their request in their application for admission. Scholarship evaluation takes place after all admission decisions are made.

Application instructions

The University of Geneva offers scholarships to international students who want to pursue their studies at the Faculty of Science. The program provides funding to cover living expenses and tuition fees, as well as a monthly stipend and health insurance. It is designed to promote geographical diversity and encourage research exchanges between Switzerland and other countries.

The application process is straightforward, with the scholarship being awarded to students based on their academic achievements. Students are advised to carefully review the eligibility criteria and application instructions before applying.

Candidates should demonstrate strong interest and motivation in human rights issues, and show that they have the ability to carry out research within the field of human rights. The program is ranked amongst the world’s best for preparing students for careers in the field of human rights.



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