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The Best Jobs For International Students in the US

Many international students rely on part-time employment to cover tuition fees and living expenses; however, most study visas restrict this type of employment to on-campus locations only.


International students seeking employment should look for work that won’t interfere with their studies or limit how much time they can dedicate to working. Below are some promising options:

Teaching assistant

Tutoring is one of the most sought-after jobs for international students studying in the US. It offers flexibility, decent pay, and allows you to immerse yourself in your subject matter. Furthermore, tutoring gives international students an excellent opportunity to meet new people while gaining work experience – it’s especially well suited to graduate-level students studying here.

Teaching assistants may receive tuition waivers or reduced rates that can save them a considerable amount of money over time – in some cases even covering all their tuition bills! In addition, this role provides invaluable working experience that may open doors to many future opportunities.

Apply for a research study assistant position at your university. These jobs are intended for graduate students who possess both strong interpersonal and research abilities and an eagerness for discovery, and include tasks like recruiting new participants for research studies as well as communicating about it to others and creating materials to share the results with stakeholders.

Consider looking for employment at your university cafeteria or restaurant as well. Such jobs are ideal for hospitality students as they allow them to generate a regular stream of income while studying. Just keep in mind that working as a server could interfere with studying time.

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Library assistant

Working as a library assistant while studying abroad in America can be an excellent way to gain work experience and expand your professional network. The role involves helping patrons with their inquiries about library cards and catalogue access; you may also be expected to troubleshoot issues within the library itself and its equipment if any arise. Library Assistant work may be especially attractive to students looking for work as librarians once they graduate university.

International students seeking employment often turn to tutoring or peer mentoring as another popular option. Tutoring requires strong interpersonal skills and can be extremely fulfilling; you’ll use this job to practice English while meeting new friends; you could even start out volunteering before becoming paid tutor.

If you are seeking a more challenging work environment, student ambassador positions on-campus are an ideal way to do just that. These jobs offer fast-paced positions involving promoting your university to potential students while building social connections and understanding American culture. As part of your duties as a student ambassador you will give guided tours around campus during open days while sharing experiences. These positions usually pay well; however, make sure your employer complies with working on student visa rules.

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Research study assistant

International students typically choose part-time work while at university as an opportunity to meet new people, enhance their language abilities, and supplement their income. When selecting a part-time job that best meets their needs and lifestyle – such as not interfering with studies but offering valuable work experience while taking full advantage of work visa permission – it can provide several advantages.

International students have access to many kinds of part-time jobs that offer them academic or customer-based work experience, while others provide employment for international students such as research study assistant positions in university departments of science or technology – an excellent way to gain invaluable work experience related to your area of interest and open doors to future opportunities in that field.

One good option would be working at a call centre, which can provide great customer service opportunities and may suit those with excellent communication and computer skills. However, this job might not suit everyone as it takes away time from studies which could prove stressful.

Volunteering can be extremely fulfilling and beneficial in many ways. Not only can it boost your CV and provide new contacts, but international students typically can do this as long as it doesn’t affect their studies or lifestyle.

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Department assistant

Working on campus as an international student in the US can be an excellent way to earn money and get involved in your university community, develop work habits and learn about local customs – not to mention practice English skills and meet new people! Before looking for part-time work as a way of earning extra income. Be sure to familiarize yourself with any rules or regulations regarding student part-time employment before searching for any jobs on campus.

No matter your academic field, universities offer students many different kinds of jobs depending on your field of study. Some academic jobs exist while others clerical ones exist too – you could work at writing centres, libraries or cafeterias; or consider working for the students’ union which often have many openings available like office assistant positions.

Department assistants’ duties are predominantly administrative. They oversee front desks of department buildings and arrange appointments for students looking to meet with professors or advisors; in some instances they may assist with specific projects for their department. Department assistant jobs can be especially beneficial to those interested in specific subjects who would like to network with professors in their field; other clerical jobs might involve working at bookstores or as receptionists for university faculty members.