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Best Jobs For Nature Lovers in Canada

An increase in outdoor activities has created an increase in jobs involving nature – perfect for people who love animals and being outside! This profession provides employment for many animal enthusiasts as well.


Wildlife biologists provide an ideal career option for nature enthusiasts who wish to preserve species. These specialists spend much of their time outdoors observing animal behavior and developing programs designed to preserve endangered species.

Wildlife Management

if you love animals, a career as a wildlife management specialist could be ideal. These professionals work to protect animals in their natural environments from threats like invasive species or overpopulation, while creating conservation plans to keep populations healthy.

Wildlife management degrees help students develop an in-depth knowledge of animal behavior and ecology – two essential components to protecting our environment. You will study biology, research methods, statistics, animal husbandry techniques as well as ways to balance people with wildlife when making local and national decisions related to economic development or resource use.

Wildlife management professionals often work in zoos to study captive animals. This job can be immensely fulfilling as you interact with these beautiful creatures in a safe setting while providing them with care they require. Other wildlife specialists study water resources such as lakes and ponds – these specialists are known as limnologists.

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Botany, or the study of plant life, is one of the oldest branches of science and has various subfields within it such as morphology (the study of plants’ external forms), cell biology and ecology.


Botanists rely on their knowledge of plants to help address problems affecting our planet, from discovering new medicines to creating sustainable crops. Some botanists work in the field searching for and collecting plants; others prefer laboratories. Botanists may find employment at botanical gardens, offices or parks.

Botanists require at least a bachelor’s degree. While biology courses will likely form the core of your studies, other sciences like microbiology or chemistry might also interest you depending on your particular interests. You could even take non-science classes that may help expand your understanding of fields like zoology, agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

Outdoor Recreation

If you enjoy being outdoors, a career that connects you to nature may be ideal for you. Wildlife biologists spend most of their time in the field studying animals; similarly, working at a zoo allows for similar research but with animals held captive rather than wild.

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Becoming an agricultural manager is another excellent career option; though you will require hard physical labor, this position will give you insight into where our food comes from and its production process. A limnologist might also be ideal if water resources interest you.

Are You Thinking About Becoming a Park Ranger, River Guide or Forest Conservationist? These roles offer plenty of time spent outdoors while still paying well; alternatively if you prefer something else altogether then consider becoming an Environmental Educator or Ecotourism Specialist; both roles require at least a bachelor’s degree and provide valuable opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of nature.

Environmental Science

Are You Enjoy Working Outdoors and Appreciating Nature? Environmental science could be an ideal career option. This field entails preventing pollution, conserving natural resources and making agriculture more eco-friendly; additionally it educates the public on sustainable living; this may mean cutting waste, eating local grown foods or using renewable energy sources among other things.

Hydrologists are scientists who study water supply systems to reduce drought, flooding and land erosion hazards as well as environmental problems like depleted ozone layers or air pollution.

Anthropology degrees offer excellent jobs for nature enthusiasts as it equips students to observe animal and human behavior and understand needs, motivations and inner workings of organisms – helping them make informed decisions that reduce impactful activities on the environment. Graduates could pursue careers in conservation or zoology; or become researchers or scientists.

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Photography can be one of the best jobs for nature enthusiasts. Photographers work in various environments, with wildlife photography often being chosen by animal-lovers as a favorite choice. Wildlife photography enables animal-lover photographers to spend much of their time out in nature capturing images of animals in their natural settings; there may even be opportunities available through conservation organizations or zoos.

Sports photography can also be an attractive career option for nature-lovers, giving them a way to capture sporting events for fans who can’t attend in person and sharing that excitement with them through photos and video footage. You might find work with local news outlets or online magazines.

Medical photography can also be an interesting and rewarding career choice, offering photographers who feel at ease documenting surgical procedures or diseased body parts the chance to document them for posterity. Furthermore, this job may offer greater flexibility due to freelance contracts.