Jobs in Demand in Canada For 2023/2024 |

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Jobs in Demand in Canada For 2023/2024

Jobs in Demand in Canada: Canada offers many job opportunities across various fields. Blue collar skilled trades jobs as well as white collar professions are in high demand across provinces and territories across Canada.


Nurses are in high demand due to a severe nursing shortage in the country’s medical sector and provide vital healthcare to its citizens.


Are You an Immigrant Looking to Establish in Canada? Nursing could be an Excellent Career Choice

Nurses are in high demand due to their specialised expertise and skillset in emergency departments and operating rooms; additionally, they enjoy an attractive salary package.

Nurses may seek employment in traditional and specialty hospitals, long-term care facilities, health clinics and walk-in clinics; as well as community organisations supported by government such as Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW). QSW grants Canadian permanent residency to successful participants.

Sales Representatives

Sales representative jobs in Canada are in high demand, offering lucrative salary packages. Before searching for one, it is wise to perform some market research – you can do this by visiting Canada’s Job Bank website and selecting your province of choice; here, it will provide a report detailing employment trends in your field of interest.

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Use this data to pinpoint the ideal locations in Canada for work. If you are welder looking for work quickly and easily, cities with an active construction industry would be ideal places.

IT Professionals

Canada is seeing its technology landscape flourishing rapidly and drawing in new tech workers. Furthermore, Canada’s vibrant technology sector has attracted several international start-ups who wish to establish themselves here.

Jobs most in demand in 2018 included software engineers and IT project managers. Data security roles also remain sought-after as companies seek to protect sensitive information.

IT professionals from other countries looking to immigrate or settle in Canada should apply under Express Entry and provincial nomination programs such as Quebec’s Global Talent Stream. Both offer faster paths towards work permits and permanent residency with higher pay and more attractive lifestyle benefits than competing options.

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Canada’s healthcare system relies heavily on physicians, with most provinces experiencing shortages of surgeons and specialist physicians. Therefore, IRCC prioritizes work permit applications from physicians looking to relocate to Canada.

Doctors enjoy high job satisfaction rates due to their ability to save lives and improve patients’ quality of life. Their career prospects are also favorable as they can choose from various jobs such as working for large hospitals or opening up their own practices.

Healthcare organizations in Canada refer to physicians who completed their medical training outside Canada as international medical graduates (IMGs). IMGs may take advantage of various immigration programs and licensing processes available to them in order to become physicians here.


Veterinarians are highly sought-after professionals in Canada. Vets treat animal injuries and illnesses in order to keep pets healthy while also safeguarding against potentially infectious animals which could spread disease to humans.

Working as a veterinarian in Canada comes with many advantages, such as competitive salary packages that may reach as much as CAD$100K depending on practice type and location.

Relocate To Canada As A Teacher

Windmill Microlending partner VetStrategy offers comprehensive support for internationally-trained veterinarians as they navigate Canada’s licensing process. Through courses and workshops they offer immigrant health care professionals insights into workplace communication. Learn more by visiting Clear Communication for Health Professionals.


As Canada’s population ages, pharmacists are becoming an invaluable asset in many local communities. They work in settings as diverse as homecare operations, big-box retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical/healthcare management companies.

Pharmacists can leverage their skills to find employment through the federal Express Entry program, which awards points for job offers made within Canada. Canadian Provincial Nominee programs also have programs which facilitate fast immigrating foreign pharmacists.

No matter where you stand in your career as a pharmacist or doctor, Canada provides many opportunities to find employment. Attend informational interviews and network to connect with potential employers while immigration agencies offer support with customizing resumes and interview preparation.