Express Entry – What is the Canada Job Bank and How to Use It?


The Canada Job Bank is a free government website that provides job postings and labour market data in both English and French.

The Canada Job Bank assists employers and job seekers in connecting, providing career planning, resume creation and matching tools.

What is the Canada Job Bank?

The Canada Job Bank is a free government-sponsored resource that connects employers and workers based on their skills and experience. It’s an ideal opportunity for Express Entry candidates to gain more exposure in the Canadian job market and potentially boost their chances of securing a Canadian work permit.

Since June 6, 2017, registration in the Job Bank has been voluntary for all Express Entry candidates. Prior to this change, those without a job offer or provincial nomination had to register with the Job Bank in order to be eligible for selection during IRCC draws from the pool.

Once you create your user account, you can search job postings and set up job alerts. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium account which allows you to post your resume directly through the Job Bank website. It requires more steps than a standard account but may be worth it for Express Entry candidates looking to make an impact in Canada’s job market.

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How do I use the Canada Job Bank?

The Canada Job Bank is a free service provided by Employment and Social Development Canada that offers job seekers and employers valuable tools and resources. Plus, its mobile app makes searching for your ideal job even simpler!

One of the primary advantages of this site is its extensive database of qualified Canadian job applicants. Not only does this save employers time and energy, but also gives them a higher likelihood of finding their ideal employee.

Utilizing the Job Bank isn’t as effortless as it seems. To maximize success, take some time to understand its intricacies before beginning to utilize its features. Once familiar, you’ll be able to locate and recruit top talent quickly. The Canada Job Bank provides many helpful tools and features to guide you through every step of the recruitment process – from job hunting and finding to securing employee visas and making sure you’re covered in case of an emergency.

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How do I find a job on the Canada Job Bank?

The Canada Job Bank is a free website and mobile app operated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), designed to assist Canadians in finding employment.

This website offers job-searching tools for job seekers, employers and labour market information. It includes a job matching service and job alerts.

It offers an online job board in both English and French that allows users to filter by salary, hours of work, and benefits.

It also allows you to be matched with jobs that fit your skills and experiences. Furthermore, the site provides a resume builder tool and career blog.

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How do I apply for a job on the Canada Job Bank?

The Canada Job Bank is a free service provided by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to Canadian job seekers and employers alike. Operated by the government as part of their national employment service, ESDC, this bank offers job postings and labour market data.

This site provides a wealth of useful content and features. Best of all, the website is free to use with a mobile app for on-the-go convenience.

The Canada Job Bank is an excellent source for finding and applying for jobs in Canada. With a user account, you can create alerts based on your search criteria and get notifications when relevant job opportunities are advertised on the site. Furthermore, you can save your favorite jobs to apply to later.


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