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How to Get Permanent Residency in Canada for Job Purposes

There are several ways to speed up your immigration process, but it depends on your occupation and your work plans in Canada. There are certain requirements and conditions for each of these types of immigration. Listed below are a few tips to speed up your immigration process. However, the process itself can take a while. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning. Also, remember that you can only get a work visa and study permit if you have a job offer in Canada.


Obtaining a work visa

If you want to establish permanent residency in Canada, you need to obtain a work visa. There are several ways to get one. Most applicants should apply online. However, if you have an employer-specific work permit, you may be required to submit a Labor Market Impact Assessment, which is a document proving that the company can hire foreign workers. You may also have to submit biometrics. Depending on the province in which you plan to work, other documents are required, such as marriage licenses or divorce decrees. If you are employed by a Canadian company and you are not an LMIA-exempt employer, you will not be required to submit these documents.

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You can apply for a work permit in Canada if you are a citizen of a certain country. It depends on the type of job you plan to do in Canada. Most foreign nationals will need a work permit to work in Canada. There are two types of work permits: employer-specific and open work permits. The former allows foreigners to work for an eligible employer in Canada. Openwork permits do not require a job offer and allow the individual to change locations and employers.

Obtaining a permanent resident card

A green card can be obtained for employment-based reasons in the United States. Under this program, an employee must have a job offer in the United States from a company that sponsors foreign nationals. In addition to having a job offer, the employee must show that he or she has the extraordinary ability to further their craft in the U.S. Once the employer has certified that the applicant meets these requirements, the alien may apply for permanent residency.

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An employer may choose to sponsor an employee’s green card using the EB-2 or EB-3 visa category. The appropriate category depends on the individual credentials of the beneficiary, the type of job, and the location of the new job. In general, an EB-2 visa is for positions that require advanced degrees above a baccalaureate degree. An EB-5 visa may be the best option if the individual wants to work in a country where the salary is higher than the salary offered at home.

Obtaining a study permit

If you are a student and you want to work in Canada, obtaining a study permit will help you get your work permit. You can get this work permit from outside of Canada or after entering the country as a visitor. If you are planning to work in Canada with an open work permit, you will need to apply for an accompanying spouse’s work permit. Your spouse may be able to apply for this work permit, as well. Your spouse and partner must apply for a visitor’s record when you enter Canada. This record is valid until the expiry of the study permit.

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If you are an international student, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students. In 2019, Canada welcomed nearly 450,000 international students. Students from different countries choose Canada for its high-quality education, multiculturalism, and safe environment. Many international students enjoy the flexibility of studying in Canada, and it’s possible to work while you’re studying. The Canadian government will even give you a temporary work permit once you complete your program.


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