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The healthcare industry employs millions of people in Canada. The government is one of the biggest employers, but there are also numerous private organizations that are looking for qualified candidates. Occupational and physical therapists are also highly sought after. Both fields require a well-rounded team of professionals. The healthcare industry is a fast-growing one. The demand for workers in this sector will continue to grow over the next several years. If you have the skills and interest to work in this sector, you are sure to find a rewarding career.

Occupational and physical therapists

If you’ve ever wondered why the Canadian Forces are in need of more occupational and physical therapists, the answer is in the diverse types of work these individuals do. For instance, occupational therapists in the Canadian Forces are well aware of the general military duties related to security and defense. Because these jobs are interrelated with the other roles and responsibilities of the military, occupational and physical therapists are among the top healthcare careers in Canada.

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As a member of the health care team, physical and occupational therapists focus on the relationships between aspects of the patient’s function. They help patients adapt to their environment and develop individualized programs that improve their quality of life. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services also accept the skills of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy is an important part of the healthcare industry and is growing at a faster rate than other careers in Canada.

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However, a study conducted in New South Wales, Australia, found that only the professional experience and location of the practice were significant predictors of job attrition. This suggests that a positive employment outlook is essential for career attraction. The Occupational Outlook Handbook estimates the percentage increase in available jobs as well as the projected growth in employment opportunities. In addition to salary, other factors that affect job satisfaction include flexibility and return on investment.

The role of an occupational and physical therapist is unique. In this role, you will be working with patients of all ages with the goal of optimizing their functional abilities and decreasing pain. Besides rehabilitation, these therapists help patients manage pain, reduce disability and improve their daily lives. The scope of their work is diverse: physical therapists provide rehabilitation services, perform sports and exercise equipment, and teach patients how to prevent further injury.

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Both registered nurses and physical therapists play important roles in the healthcare system. Both professions are very rewarding, with job security for years to come. The need for healthcare services in Canada will only continue to increase. This means that a career in either of these two fields is in high demand. They are also among the top jobs in Canadian healthcare. There’s a high demand for qualified candidates in both fields, which means they have great job security.

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