How Express Entry Is Changing the Way We Immigrate to Canada |


How Express Entry Is Changing the Way We Immigrate to Canada

The WES survey, which asks applicants to rate the perceived barriers they expect to face in Canada, shows that the number one barrier has been “not enough work experience.” As a result, the Canadian government funds settlement agencies that match newcomers’ skills and experience with employment and integration into Canadian society. But even with these new initiatives, barriers remain for some immigrants. How does Express Entry address these issues?


Both MNPs and Express Entry have a variety of benefits for newcomers to Canada. The former gives them the opportunity to live in Canada’s smaller communities. While its exact criteria have not been announced, it is likely to be similar to the PNPs, which let communities select candidates based on their skills and labor market needs. While MNPs aren’t guaranteed to bring in the same number of newcomers as Express Entry, it may allow more immigration options for candidates without the required points.

How to Immigrate to Canada

Economic immigration programs
The new Express Entry system allows Canadian employers to recruit skilled immigrants from their pool. Candidates with appropriate skills and a willingness to contribute to Canada’s economy are given significant points for their Express Entry profiles. In addition, candidates who are nominated by a province or territory can receive an Invitation to Apply and further increase their chances of obtaining permanent residence. However, the process is complicated and lengthy. If you want to learn more about Express Entry, read on to learn more about this new program.

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Canadian Benchmark Levels
Those applying through Express Entry must meet specific language requirements in order to qualify for the programs. NOC 00 occupations are management positions, and they now award 200 Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System points. Skilled trades, like carpentry, require Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 0 and 1. They must have the required language skills to qualify for these jobs, and they must have experience in those occupations.

A Points-Based system
Express Entry is a ranking system based on a points-based system. The Comprehensive Ranking System evaluates candidates based on their overall ability to adapt and thrive in Canada. A number of factors go into determining an individual’s ranking, including education, language ability, Canadian work experience, and relationship status. In some cases, a couple may receive lower base points than a single applicant but earn points from their spouse or partner.

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IRCC’s new system for managing immigration applications
The Economic Action Plan 2015 Act includes a series of amendments to the IRPA and related provisions that establish clear authorities for the use of electronic tools to administer and enforce immigration programs. The amendments support the expanding use of electronic tools to improve the immigration system and manage the ever-increasing number of immigration applications, including those of travelers needing immigration services at ports of entry. To ensure a smooth transition, employers should be aware of the new system.


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