Cities Close to Canada: Hidden Gems on the Northern Border |


Cities Close to Canada: Hidden Gems on the Northern Border

If you’re planning a trip to Canada, you might want to make a stop at one of the many charming Cities Close to Canada. For example, Niagara Falls is the perfect destination for a summertime getaway with its stunning views of the cascading waterfalls.


Other options include a visit to Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon Territory and its only city, for a day of exploring rugged peaks that put skyscrapers to shame and glaciers.

Cities Along the Canadian Border

As long as you’re carrying a valid passport, travel visa or NEXUS/FAST card, you can explore many interesting destinations along the US-Canada border. From lakes and parks to historic towns, these charming places are hidden gems on the northern frontier.

The famous Niagara Falls are just a hop, skip and jump over the border from New York State in Canada. Embark on a Mist boat tour and get drenched as you get up close to the waterfalls for breathtaking views. Once you’re back on dry land, savor fine dining and explore the nearby wineries on the Niagara Wine Trail.

Nicknamed “Canada’s chocolate town,” Saint Stephen is an easy drive from the US and features several one-of-a-kind attractions. Learn how candy is made at the Ganong Bros Candy Museum, or take in the city’s waterfront Odette Sculpture Park and Canadian Club Brand Centre.

Saint Stephen also offers a wide range of outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking. You can even check out the world’s oldest basketball court at The Hopewell Rocks. This natural formation is an array of mini-islands, sea caves and arches.

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Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Adventures of Cities Close to Canada

The natural beauty of these cities offers something for everyone. You’ll find turquoise lakes and stunning mountain views that will have you grabbing your phone to snap photos for your social media accounts.

There are also incredible outdoor adventures, such as ice climbing at Jasper National Park. Other outdoor activities include hiking and camping.

Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is a hidden gem of natural beauty and cultural charm. Charlottetown, the capital of this picturesque island, is a lovely seaside city that makes a great base for exploring the rest of the province.

The Hopewell Rocks are one of the most fascinating natural attractions in all of Canada. This geological site is home to unique tidal formations and the famous “singing sands,” which create a melody when you walk across them.

Another must-visit spot is the Cold War Bunker Museum, an underground facility that reveals what life was like during this important period in Canadian history. A more offbeat, yet fascinating attraction is the Good Knights Medieval Encampment, an encampment where you can experience jousting tournaments and archery competitions.

Cultural Treasures: Museums Arts and Heritage

Whether a humble stick hewn from a single piece of sugar maple or a museum that houses an artifact from the Titanic, Canada’s museums have many treasures to offer. From national historic sites to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these unique places reveal insights into the people, culture and history of this ten-province country.

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The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto displays natural and cultural artifacts, including the oldest fossil ever found and a collection of 9,000 objects from the Arctic. It also has a hands-on science and technology gallery, a special exhibitions floor, and one of the most extensive art galleries in North America.

In Calgary, head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Here, a museum recounts the story of how native people hunted herds by stampeding them off cliffs, and trails outside lead to the actual site.

The Canadian Museum of Nature in Gatineau reveals the history of this vast country through a series of world-class galleries. From the Fossil Gallery with dramatic dioramas of carnivorous Daspletosaurs chomping on herbivorous Chasmosaurs. To the Mammal Gallery that showcases iconic Canadian wildlife like bison and grizzlies. This museum also has a spectacular Grand Hall and First Peoples Hall that showcase the history, diversity, creativity. And endurance of the nation’s Indigenous communities.

As long as you’re carrying a valid passport, travel visa or NEXUS/FAST card, you can explore many interesting destinations along the US-Canada border. From lakes and parks to historic towns, these charming places are hidden gems on the northern frontier.

Dining Experiences Near the Border

In this historic border town, wine lovers should be sure to stock up on bottles from independent merchant Tell Me Wine on Nelson Street. Those who prefer to sip on spirits should head next door to the White Hare Gin Distillery. For an invigorating gin and tonic or even a gin-making masterclass.

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In this charming small town, there’s no shortage of quaint cafes and cozy restaurants to choose from. Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar is one of the most unique hidden gems in the area. Where you can spend a relaxing afternoon browsing through the many books on offer.

Tips for Exploring Cities Close to Canada

Travelers can fly directly into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport or reach many other destinations via an array of budget airlines. Taking a road trip in Canada is also an option. With bus companies such as Greyhound and Megabus offering province-to-province routes. Train travel can also be a wonderful way to explore this vast country. With both VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak offering options for those who wish to avoid driving or just want a relaxing, scenic experience.

With a month, you can road trip through Eastern Canada, visiting the main highlights in that region. You can easily add on extra stops. Such as a night in Quebec City to see the picturesque cobblestone streets lined with bistros. And boutiques and admire the 18th-century architecture that makes this Canadian capital feel like you’ve been transported to Europe.

Just make sure to leave wild animals alone and support local businesses as much as possible. Even in larger cities where you may find big-name chains. This helps reduce the impact on the environment and encourages a more genuine, cultural experience.


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