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Why Does Canada Have More Job Opportunities?

The land of the maple leaf is facing a reckoning, and the country hasn’t been like that for decades. However, there are no longer adequate workers to fill the country’s supreme job opportunities. This explains why Canada has more job opportunities now compared to before the pandemic. Employers were not able to fill almost a million jobs thereby making the country’s employment vacancies hit the peak.


According to a Canadian report, Job vacancies were up 4.6% from the first quarter of 2022 and more than 43% over the years. However, the highest increase in job vacancies was in Ontario, up by 6.5% from the first to second quarter of 2023. The rigid market conditions show that employers have a harder and lengthier recruiting process.

In 2022, there were fewer recruited employees for available vacancies causing more job opportunities but fewer prospects. However, an aging population is one of the major reasons for the surging vacancies. In this article, we will explore the fundamental causes of Canada having more job opportunities.

Reasons Why Canada Has More Job Opportunities

Canada is facing a notable labor shortage, and this shortage has been attributed to numerous factors. These factors include an aging population, early retirement, declining birth rates, reduced immigration, and insufficient salary in some cases. In addition, because Canada was in a labor excess for decades before the pandemic, newcomers, low-income workers, and the disabled were underutilized.

Read on as we elaborate on factors that give room for more job opportunities in Canada.

1. Aging population

The aging population is surely one operating factor for more job opportunities. Since the mean retirement age of a baby boomer lies around 61 and 65, thereby creates some serious challenges for HR. However, how can the talent gap that’s left between the aging population that retires and younger workers with the right skills be filled?


Meanwhile, the aged workers will eventually retire and this means Canada will have more job opportunities. Now, this will give room for more immigrants to come work and live in Canada. Furthermore, the country has plans to hire 500,000 applicants by 2025.

2. Early retirement

A lot of people are reducing working hours or retiring early to look after their aging parents. These home-care and long-term care are terrible and lots of people can’t endure keeping their aged parents there. Furthermore, this has significant repercussions for our labor force.

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Some other sectors especially those in healthcare and education retire early due to maltreatment or become completely tired due to excessive workload. Also, lots of people are leaving their jobs because of insufficient salaries and long hours.

3. Declining birth rates

The declining birth rate simply implies a smaller pool of potential workers giving room for more job opportunities in Canada. Based on the fertility rates data from 2017 to 2021, show a concerning tendency for declining birth rates in Canada. With the total fertility rate dropping, the country is experiencing a depletion in the number of young people entering the labor force.

This smaller pool of prospective workers is available to meet the demands of various industries, further contributing to the labor shortage. Furthermore, it ensures a lot more job opportunities for new immigrants to live and work in Canada.

Dive in as we further list some major industries that have more job opportunities in Canada. These industries include,

  1. Chemicals.
  2. Food delivery.
  3. Natural gas.
  4. Petroleum.
  5. Transportation sector.
  6. Wood and paper production.

Skills Shortages

There are different write-ups about how to get jobs in Canada, job-based immigration schemes, and high-paying jobs in Canada. But in this article, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information about certain professions for which Canadian industries have more job opportunities for skilled workers. Some skill shortage jobs in Canada for which localized citizens are not available to fill.

However, this is why the Canadian government allowed their companies to hire internationally eligible workers and this will pave your way to Canada. You’ll find it fascinating that Canada has an unemployment rate of less than 6% in 2023. In addition, Canada is primarily one of the richest countries where an average full-time worker makes a monthly salary of over $5,000.

Canada has several in-demand occupations like,

  1. Accountants.
  2. Admin assistants.
  3. Engineers.
  4. HR managers.
  5. Nurses.
  6. Pharmacists.
  7. Project managers.
  8. Veterinaries.
  9. Web developers.
  10. Welders.
  11. Food services

Response to the Labor Shortage

Acknowledging the importance of immigration in sustaining the labor force. Therefore, the Canadian government has been actively implementing policies to attract more skilled immigrants. Through various immigration schemes and initiatives, the government focuses on creating more job opportunities in key industries.

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By prioritizing the choice of immigrants with applicable skills and qualifications. Canada seeks to support the workforce with individuals who can contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

Top Six Job Opportunities in Canada 

There is still a high demand in Canada for workers in the technology, healthcare, and professional services fields. Likewise, employers are seeking to fill more good-paying positions requiring relatively low formal training. Recently, the chemistry Canadians have had with online shopping during the pandemic is expected to go on and generate even more jobs.

With the huge increase in demand for online deliveries, reduced delivery cycle, a never-before competitive market, and ever-increasing customer demand. We also see a strong need for supply chain posts like production supervisors, warehouse workers, and drivers. Below are the top six job opportunities in high demand in Canada.

1. Customer service representative

If you like relating with people, providing information, and solving problems, a customer service representative job may be best for you. Customer service representatives are hired in call centers, retail centers, telecoms, support, and companies that directly interact with customers. Although some positions may require low skills, you can easily acquire them and some positions can be done remotely.

2. Administrative assistant

Another high job opportunity is an administrative assistant. If you possess outstanding organizational and clerical skills, you can easily get a job as an administrative assistant. You will likely support managers and several employers in the office. In addition, good communication skills are important here and knowledge of MS Office tools is a bonus.

3. Transport or Logistics coordinator

If you can drive trucks and operate heavy machinery, it can be of higher importance than you think in Canada. Which happens to be one of the largest transportation sections in the world. From organizing transport goods and materials to managing warehouse inventory, and truck driving.

You are sure to get more job opportunities in almost every province in Canada. However, some positions may need a commercial driver’s license and a clean history.

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4. Food service supervisor

If you are seeking an easy unskilled job, consider a food service supervisor post. As a food service supervisor, you will need to coordinate and direct the activities of workers. Those who prepare, portion, and serve food and you will also be in charge of the daily management of food operations.

5. Marketing/sales operative

Do you have a high entrepreneurial spirit and love marketing products and services? You can select from the wide line-up of marketing and sales jobs in Canada. Furthermore, these positions are critical in every business and are available in IT, retail, manufacturing, and other industries.

This field also has more job opportunities in Canada. Good communication and negotiation abilities are important and a solid resume.

6. Software engineer and designer role

A highly skilled but easy-to-get job in Canada is a software engineer or designer. If you have the applicable skills and experience and have secured the relevant software certifications, a software engineer/designer role is for you. These positions are available in several companies in the public and private sectors.

All you need is to fix your resume to highlight your appropriate skills and experiences. Also, obtain the relevant software certifications, network, and research available openings in your province. However, as an immigrant, finding a job might seem discouraging, but with the right skills, work experience, qualifications, and certifications, the job is yours.


High job opportunities are not expected to last long. However, factors like an aging population, early retirement, declining birth rates, and reduced immigration are the main determinants. There are not enough young workers to make up for the enormous gap these factors will leave behind.

But rather than seeing the aging workforce as a disadvantage, it’s a great opportunity for immigrants to get more job opportunities in Canada. Several sectors, including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and food service, are especially affected by the scarcity of skilled workers. so, to tackle this challenge, joint efforts are necessary.

Therefore, the government has been actively addressing this issue by attracting skilled immigrants, financing education, and promoting remote work.


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