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How to Migrate to the UK As a Medical Staff

If you are an international doctor or graduate who is looking for a post in the UK, then you can find the best visa for this profession on NHS Jobs. If you are planning to work in a training hospital, then you can also apply for sponsorship under the skilled worker visa. Read more about this visa on NHS Jobs. It is important to understand the immigration health surcharge before you apply. There are several benefits of working in the UK as a doctor or medical staff.


Health and Care Worker visa

The Health and Care Worker Visa is a type of immigration visa that allows medical staff to work in the UK. The visa is available to those who are qualified to work in the health and social care sector and has the potential to lead to settlement in the UK after five years. Health and social care workers may also bring with them their children and partners if they qualify for a dependent visa. However, the requirements for applying for this visa vary depending on the circumstances of each individual. Immigration lawyers are well-placed to provide advice on the best visa options available.

The main requirement to apply for a Health and Care Worker visa for medical staff is that they have a specific occupation code. The list of occupations is not exhaustive, but doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, and other professionals in health care can typically apply for a Health and Care Worker visa. However, applicants with a different occupation code must follow the application process as outlined by the Home Office. The employer may support a health care worker’s application or submit it as part of their recruitment process.

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Immigration Health Surcharge

The Home Office has announced that future NHS and care workers will not be subject to the Immigration Health Surcharge. The surcharge is a tax imposed on most foreign entrants to the UK. The government claims that the tax will help the NHS, as it contributes directly to the cost of care and saves lives. But healthcare organizations have been lobbying against the surcharge, claiming it discourages foreign workers from entering the UK. Meanwhile, immigration lawyers have pointed to delays in the implementation of the fee.

The immigration health surcharge is mandatory for all students with visas valid for more than six months. If you’ve already been in the UK for six months, you can apply for further permission without paying the surcharge. This will allow you access to the NHS at no additional cost. You can use any NHS hospital or doctor’s surgery, regardless of where you live. However, you’ll still have to pay for dental or optical treatments, as well as medicines prescribed by your doctor. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

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Common EU nationalities in the NHS

The NHS employs a diverse range of nationalities, including many who are not British. In fact, more than one in five NHS staff are non-British nationals. Irish, Polish and Portuguese is the most common European nationalities. Non-EU nationalities include Filipino, Nigerian and Indian, while the smallest percentage of NHS staff are non-British. The figures show that despite the influx of foreigners into the NHS, the number of NHS staff from these countries has remained relatively stable.


In the NHS, EU nationals represent around 8% of the workforce. Their numbers have increased dramatically in the last few years. In June 2018, the number of EU nationals employed in the NHS had risen by 55.4% compared to Dec 2013 when there were just 39,807 EU nationals employed in the NHS. This is eight times the growth rate of other staff. Although this trend is continuing, the number of NHS staff who identify as EU nationals should never be changed.

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Applying for a visa

If you want to work as a medical staff in the UK, you will need a medical staff visa. This type of visa is similar to the skilled worker visa, but it is limited to certain medical professionals and roles. It is important to remember that you will be required to pay lower visa fees and not have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is a charge for some types of work visas.

There are two main options for applying for a medical staff visa. The first option is for those with experience in the medical field. It will allow you to work in the UK while earning your degree. You can even bring your dependents with you if you’re working in the health sector. Applying for a medical staff visa to migrate to the UK is a very common way to enter the country, and it may be just what you need to help your family get started.


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