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The best provinces to live and work in Canada

Canada is an appealing country and there are various best provinces, cities, and neighborhoods to live and work in. But what is the best province for you to live in Canada? It can be tremendous to decide where to live, and can also be scary when you’re moving to a new country.


Even though Canada has ten extraordinary provinces and three astonishing territories, not all of them are created equal. From the booming mood of Toronto to the French charm of Montreal, each city is like a different flavor of ice cream. So, if you’re thinking of living and working in Canada but are not quite sure which province to choose, then read on.

Top Eight Provinces to Live and Work 

Below are top eight amazing provinces you might want to call home when you relocate to Canada.

1. Calgary, Alberta

Located in the center of Canada, Alberta offers you a traditional impression amidst farming culture. However, life in Alberta comes with a complete charm as you enjoy harvest parties, and enjoy locally grown produce and beverages. Also, get dressed as cowboys, or simply attend rodeos.

In addition, Alberta is one of the best provinces to live and work in Canada since it’s affordable, has low crime rates, and is so relaxing. It has job opportunities for diverse professions, and people with banking, logistics, engineering, mechanics, and technology backgrounds will benefit from living here. Also, people with entrepreneurial plans can settle in Alberta as well.

Calgary is the prime city that attracts immigrants and has remarkable transportation and infrastructural facilities. However, it’s a great city to raise children and get them to love sports. But it’s also home to a lot of sufficient-paying jobs and prime access to the beautiful wild Rocky Mountains.


2. Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia is famous for its high standard of living and its remarkable locale along the Pacific Ocean, far west of Canada. It’s also one of the best provinces to live and work in Canada. However, if you love the great outdoors but want to escape the harsh winter weather of Canada, BC is your home.

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Although, it still gets cold and snows, BC located close to the water means that the weather is a whole lot gentler. However, because BC is super amazing, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to live in Vancouver. As a single person who wants to live in this province comfortably, you should probably earn around $50,000 yearly.

Vancouver is a city familiar with its natural beauty, beaches, the great outdoors, and mild year-round weather. To live and work in Vancouver, you’ll enjoy a steady work-life balance and a high quality of life. In addition, if you love biking or hiking, then you’ll want to check out the mountains in the area.

3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba is a largely populated province in Canada and offers better public services. Awesome places to visit in Manitoba include Thompson, Brandon, Steinbach, Portage la Prarie, Selkirk, and Winkler. However, most of these places are small, safe, and friendly towns in which you can enjoy a more affordable and relaxed life.

This area is known as the “land of the lakes” for a reason since there are thousands of lakes located here. Also, it’s close to the US border, you’ll find solid healthcare, education, and economic opportunities too.

Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba is an extraordinary city with lots of employment, entertainment, and education opportunities. However, the cost of houses in Winnipeg is among the lowest in Canada. This city is a top option for immigrants in Canada to live and work.

4. Fredericton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is known for its financial, fishing, and agricultural sectors. As well as manufacturing, technology, construction, and hotel industries, making the province a good place to live and work. Furthermore, this province is safe and secure, with very low crime rates. Also, gives free healthcare and education aside from the low cost of living and plentiful job opportunities.

Fredericton is the province’s capital and home to lots of immigrants. Prospective employees are most likely to find work in the government and education sectors to get a Canada PR. Meanwhile, the city has a vibrant culture and is perfect for individuals looking to study in Canada. It has a thriving technology sector.

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5. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the cheapest provinces to live and work in Canada. This province has a large economy, with most opportunities for immigrants in various industries. The job market is diverse, and the communities are friendly and welcoming. Furthermore, Some of the freshest seafood dishes especially the iconic cod are in Newfoundland and Labrador.

St. John’s is the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador and one of the cheapest cities to live and work in. It’s one of the most exciting, definite, natural, and cozy cities in Canada. Furthermore, this city provides all the amenities of a larger Canadian community with a distinct Newfoundland flavor.

6. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has the attributes of a clean environment, low property costs, lower crime rates, average cost of living, and lots of peace. While many job opportunities are limited to fishing, hunting, and trawling, Nova Scotia is a great place to live and work remotely. Therefore, it’s perfect if you are a low-key person and don’t want to live in a giant city.

Now, inside Nova Scotia, many people prefer to live and work in Halifax. After all, it’s the capital of the province and has a relaxed feeling that enables you to reconnect with nature and people. However, the whole of Nova Scotia may feel a bit isolated from the rest of Canada. But it’s a great place for settling down and having a family. Immigrants with experience in agriculture can thrive here.

7. Toronto, Ontario

Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada. It is also the wealthiest province in the country, having a significant share of the country’s natural resources. Also, the most mature and assorted industrial economy. It takes the front row as Canada’s economic pacemaker and a major force in national politics.

If you like the swift pace of city life, then Toronto is the best for you to live and work in. It’s a beautiful city known for its bustling lifestyle and is often called Canada’s New York City. Furthermore, this city is known to be the hub of employment for immigrants with a 94% employment rate.

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Toronto has one of the largest economies in the country, with many employment opportunities in lots of industries. It also has a powerful public transportation system, enabling its residents to travel faster and easier throughout the city.

8. Montreal, Quebec

Quebec is one of the safest places to live and work in Canada. Ensure that you can either speak French or are willing to learn it since it’s the primary language of Quebec. Other than that, Quebec has a great chill vibe, with a major city like Montreal which gives a relaxed feel.

Montreal is a city known to be affordable and has a great nightlife scene, low crime rates, and unbelievable skyscrapers. In Addition, crime rates are also really low here and there is many friendly energy between people. So, if you want to get away from the crowds, enjoy nature, and work, then Quebec is perfect.

How to choose the best province to live in

Now that you have the list of the top eight provinces to live and work in Canada. Therefore, you must shortlist which one is best for you. Every province is distinct in terms of employment opportunities, weather, and lifestyle.

Here are some features to keep in mind when choosing the best province to live in.

  1. Job opportunities
  2. Weather
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Immigration rules


Canada is not just a country, it’s an experience awaiting to enfold. From the bustling streets of Toronto to the serene shores of Montreal, this vast and diverse country offers something for every immigrant. Whether you are finding the thrill of outdoor adventures, the warmth of multicultural communities, or a deep dive into history and culture.

Canada is the best place to live and work in, and NOW is the perfect time to start planning. The strong economy of the country contributes lots of employment opportunities and a superb educational system. In addition, Canada emerges as a perfect place for personal and professional development. Lastly, the country’s basic healthcare system makes sure that everyone regardless of income, can access medical care.


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