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How Soon Can You Get a Job in Canada?

How long can you get a job in Canada? Well, there’s no specific answer to that question. However for some people, it might take months or even years, and for others, it may just take a few days or weeks. It all depends on how well you perform during the recruitment process.


The first step for you to get a job in Canada is creating a Canadian resume format that can beat the recruiter’s resume robot. Interestingly, you’re not even dealing with humans yet, but a tracking system built to scrutinize your resume if it matches the job description. Luckily if your resume matches, then it will be passed on to the human recruiters. Otherwise, that’s the end for that particular resume.

Getting through the Canadian Applicant Tracking System needs a great deal of attentiveness. You must include the applicable Canadian keywords in your resume before going on with your application. These keywords are found in the job description, doing this diligently increases your chances of landing an interview.

Dive in as I discuss the step-by-step process of getting your dream job in Canada.

Improving Your Resume

Even though you have a perfectly written Canadian resume format, it doesn’t guarantee you the job. You still need to improve your resume by scanning it on a Canadian Applicant Tracking System (CATS). This process will help you know how befitting your resume is for the position you’re seeking.

However, only a customized ATS for Canadian recruiters can work for your resume. Appropriateness is frequently measured by how well the keywords in the job description appear in your resume. Therefore if you want the best outcome, use a Canadian ATS before you start your application. 


Moreover, this is the only assured way of landing an interview with Canadian recruiters and eventually getting a job. Make sure your resume is improved for the specific position you’re applying to. However, many applicants don’t get called for interviews simply because their resumes are never seen by the human recruitment team.

How Soon Can You Conveniently Get a Job in Canada?

Getting a job is never an easy or simple task, but rather, a process that can take weeks/months to conclude. The process of getting a job and how soon to get the job might be discouraging but certainly not impossible. Nonetheless, do not give up, and now is the best time to start your job search.

In this article, I will discuss some ways that you can optimistically get a job faster than you anticipate.

Things To Expect When Searching For a Job 

While trying to get a job in Canada, you must keep in mind the following points.

  1. On average, getting a job in Canada may take about five to six months from application to hiring. Although after the pandemic, available job positions are on the increase, therefore the timing may be shorter.
  2. According to Indeed, around 80 percent of applicants receive a response to their applications within two weeks or thereabouts.
  3. You should likely expect the interview processing for most companies to be between three and five weeks. However, some companies will have quicker processes, while others may be rather slower.
  4. You will probably receive post-interview job offers between one and two weeks. However, higher-level positions may take even longer.
  5. Bear in mind that your actual job search duration will vary according to the number of applications and resumes you submit. Also, based on individual employer recruiting processes.

External Elements That Might Affect Your Job Search

Several factors could prevent you from getting a job in Canada soon. A new round of business lock-downs or an unforeseen economic downturn would most likely increase the time taken to get a job. Also, localized economic conditions can affect these estimates.

Other factors may include flexibility in your job search, how much time you invest in getting a job soon, and your readiness to take a job outside your industry.

Things You Can Do To Get a Job Soon

As a diligent job seeker, you will be thinking about ways to get a job in Canada as soon as possible. I am happy to inform you that certain schemes can give you the best chance of getting a job quickly. Read on!

1. Focus on expanding your network

About 80-90 percent of professionals depend on networking for job opportunities. This simply implies that getting a job is majorly based on the networks you have (people you know). Also, networking is a crucial way of getting into the hidden job market.

2. Get out of the house

The Internet is a significant tool for securing jobs and submitting applications. However, the old-fashioned method of searching for jobs has lots of advantages as well. When you want a job fast, sometimes the best way is to meet up with employers in person.

This method works perfectly for jobs in sectors where direct interaction with customers is a vital skill requirement, such as retail, restaurants, and bars. However, keep in mind that this option is better for a business that has a “Help Wanted” sign posted outside. Because of the pandemic and lingering safety protocols, it may be wise to call first in cases where no sign is posted outside.

Furthermore, let the employer know that you’re interested in the position and ask whether it would be okay to apply in person.

3. Be zealous

Ensure you have a contact for the company and follow up within a week of submitting your resume to show your interest. Likewise, sending a thank you email to the interviewers within 24 hours of your interview will set you apart from other candidates. However, it’s polite to thank them for taking the time to speak with you and also a great way to reiterate your interest in the job. 

After your interview, you may ask the interviewers when you can expect a decision on the next steps at the end of your interview and follow up accordingly. However, do not be too persistent or pushy.

4. Adjust expectations

If you are finding it difficult to secure a job that goes in line with your exact skills and experience. You may need to change your format and reduce your expectations. Sometimes, we might need to take a step backward or sideways before we can further move ahead.

Even though the job outside of your ongoing career path may not be the one you have dreamed about. But, it could be an essential detour to get your journey back on track and rediscover yourself.

5. Be flexible about location

There was a time when Americans were always prepared to move anywhere opportunity could be found. However, that drive helped motivate people to continually move west in search of a better life. These days, more Americans remain within a few miles of where they grew up. As a result, fewer of them are willing to resettle in another city or state to pursue a wonderful job opportunity. If you are flexible about where you live, you may find that it is even easier to locate the job you need.

6. Intensify your online presence

Your online presence is a key component of your personality and can be a powerful selling point when you are seeking a job. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile and overall social media personality tell the story that you want to convey to any prospective employer.

7. Prioritize your job search

One of the best ways to get a job soon is to treat your job search as though it is your actual job. Set aside a specific number of hours each day to search for open positions, research companies, and submit applications and resumes. You do not need to apply to every position you find, but if you are not continually looking for opportunities, it will usually take you much longer to find the right job.


As Canada continues to work its way out of the pandemic, more job openings are available. Your job search may take an average of about five to six months, depending on the industry and job type. Moreover, with sound effort and diligence, you may be able to get a job in Canada sooner than you think. 

You should start your job search before you arrive in Canada and avoid some job search mistakes. you’ll surely get a job before or soon after you arrive in Canada. Kindly drop your review and questions under this post.

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