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How Many Job Vacancies Are Available in Canada?

Without a doubt, there are thousands of job vacancies available in Canada in 2023 and beyond. However, this is the major reason why immigrants are on the increase in Canada, In addition, several immigration pathways have been put in place for immigrants to live and work in Canada, their families inclusive.


Statistics Canada reported that the country has over one million jobs available. Furthermore, employment for immigrants aged 15-24 increased by 69,000 while jobs for immigrants aged 55 and above increased by 31,000. When searching for a job, you may want to be strategic and select a job in a high-demand industry to boost job security.

Specific positions top this list every year, while new roles from industries with rapid development are also added. These job vacancies will be easier to find and then build and develop your career in. Also, it’s crucial to note that the recent pandemic has impacted some of the in-demand jobs, making essential worker positions some of the most sought-after professionals. 

Read on for information on some job vacancies available in Canada.

Some Available Job Vacancies in Canada

Here is a list of available job vacancies, as well as highly in-demand jobs in Canada. 

1. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineer jobs require the candidate to create, analyze, and establish electrical systems. Also, these systems are built and test-run by electrical engineers. Workers in this position are expected to maintain these systems and components to ensure that they function perfectly.


However, this position requires a higher level of education and these engineers can earn an average salary of CAD 91,832 yearly.

2. Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer works with both aerospace vehicles (rockets) and aerospace systems. However, their responsibilities cover the design, research, testing, development, and maintenance of such vehicles and systems. This is a highly in-demand job in Canada but also requires a higher level of education compared to other jobs.

Because of this, aerospace engineering is also one of the highest-paying jobs on the list. In addition, they earn an average salary of about CAD 98,347 per year.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineering is one of the jobs that has seen more rapid growth in the past few years. Coding jobs have been one of the most in-demand positions in Canada for the past couple of years. At the thought of being a software engineer, you may guess this requires working for a tech company but far from that.

It’s a position that can be found in many different spaces, as establishments of all types implement computer, mobile, and web programs. Furthermore, if you want to become a software engineer, you must understand coding and app design. Software engineers earn on average, a salary of CAD 100,562 per year.

4. Human Resources Manager

HR managers are responsible for recruiting and managing people. They ensure that the candidates employed are properly vetted and are of the caliber that the employer is looking for. Also, they are normally very active in the interviewing and ensuing hiring process.

Once you have secured the job, they also assist with on boarding and specific fundamental training. However, they are at the forefront in the case of any workplace issues or concerns. with an average salary of CAD 89,003 every year.

5. Web Developer

A web developer is another job vacancy in Canada, it’s a newer job that is also one of the highly in-demand. Developers are those who specialize in designing applications or programs. In this position, you can find a job in areas from a small or large business to a corporation or even in the federal government.

There are distinctive skills you need to be this kind of developer, like understanding program languages like JavaScript as well as coding. Meanwhile, those who work with search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing, are also in comparable positions and of similar requests. A web developer may earn up to CAD 69,305 per year.

6. Veterinarian

The number of vets available in the country is pretty low. Due to this, veterinary jobs have been highly in-demand for various years. Furthermore, Vets help care for your pets by providing treatments, regular checkups, and filling medications. To become a vet, you must obtain a degree from any veterinary school.

However, this school must also have the proper approval. Once you have a degree, you will then need to have a license, because this is a provincially regulated profession. While there are lots of measures put in place before you can begin practicing, this is a highly desired and high-paying job in Canada. A veterinarian earns an average salary of CAD 95,804.

7. Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, you have a few different options. You could decide to work in a pharmacy, a hospital, or a drugstore. Pharmacists, by their most basic definition, work with programs that are developed to promote well-being and health.

You may remember coming in contact with a pharmacist at the local drugstore when you are filling a prescription. It’s a common arrangement and duty of someone who is working in this sort of position. They earn an average salary of CAD 89,314.

8. Welder

Welders are known to work with metal. This is not something that needs a formal degree but is still well-paid and in high demand. It still requires knowledge and approach, but that’s something generally learned through an apprenticeship or trade school. 

Also, businesses are among some of the more in-demand jobs because fewer young people have entered the trades in current years. Welders are a skilled worker trade meaning the demand is much higher than other trades. Welders likely earn an average salary of CAD 73,504.

9. General Laborer

General laborers operate in construction sites, they carry materials and equipment on the job, and also organize and clean up the job site. Some of the construction duties that can be filled by a general laborer include demolition, excavation, and compacting. Although they consider these roles as lower-skill jobs but are typically hard work and can earn a good amount in average pay. Being that on-site is usually compulsory these positions are far removed from the possibility of remote work. You can earn an average salary of CAD 47,678 as a laborer.

10. Receptionist

A receptionist job is similar to that of an administrative assistant, and sometimes these job duties can coincide. A receptionist job is usually also an entry-level position, so great for a younger person or for someone trying to get into a new industry.

Receptionists require customer service and client relationship skills since they are usually the first point of contact in a firm for a customer. They are also assigned to provide a good first impression on everyone who enters the establishment. Receptionists earn about CAD 31,304.

11. Optician

If you have a less-than-perfect vision, it’s possible you are a regular at the optician clinic. Over time, a lot of people suffer from one eye issue or another because of their interactions with screens and electronics. Currently, about 70% of Canadians use eyeglasses, and as these issues increase, so will the number of patients.

The number of opticians of course needs to match the need for eye care, so this is an enterprise with growth prospects. To become an optician, you will have to pass the National Optical Sciences Examinations, and also register in your local regulatory body once you pass. An optician’s average salary is CAD 47,400.

12. Driver

There are several kinds of delivery drivers like forklift drivers, truck drivers, and long-haul drivers. When it comes to most driving jobs, drivers will need their commercial driving license. This is necessary for many of the larger vehicles that are part of the job.

You must also get approval if you will be driving a forklift, and this requires a precise forklift driving certification. Truck drivers especially are always in high demand in Canada due to the scale of the country. They earn an average salary of CAD 44,836.


Not all job vacancies are equal. Some require relatively little education and offer relatively low wages while others require highly educated employees and offer relatively high wages. In this article, we discuss extensively some of the highly paying and in-demand jobs in Canada.

However, job vacancies may appear because of a lack of concordance between the skills required for the job and the skills possessed by highly educated job seekers. Statistics Canada reported that the country has over one million jobs available. Furthermore, employment for immigrants aged 15-24 increased by 69,000 while jobs for immigrants aged 55 and above increased by 31,000.

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