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Best Jobs For International Students in Canada

Are you an International student wondering if you can get jobs while studying in Canada? And if yes, what are the best jobs for international students in Canada? This article is for you, so read on!


However, one of the many advantages of being an international student in Canada is that you can work part-time to support your costs of living and studying. If you’re studying to be a nurse, teacher, lawyer, engineer, or whatever field you desire to be in. There are lots of high-paying part-time jobs available to you as an international student in Canada.

Therefore, for you to enjoy a stable financial life while studying, we’ve compiled a list of some best jobs that pay quite well for international students.

Getting A Job As An International Student in Canada 

Now that we know you can legally work on or off campus as an international student in Canada, even without an official work permit. However, there are some requirements you need to keep in mind before getting a job, so let’s take a look.

  1. You have to be a full-time international student with a valid study permit.
  2. You can only work once your studies have begun, not before the commencement of your studies.
  3. However, once you’re done studying, you must obtain a work permit to continue working.
  4. Furthermore, international students can only work up to 20 hours/week during regular academic terms but can work full-time during holidays.

Dive in to know some of the best and high-paying jobs for international students in Canada.

10 Best Jobs For International Students in Canada 

Below are ten of the best jobs available for international students in Canada and the pay is quite great. Read on!


1. Bartender

Bartenders take up jobs at restaurants, hotels, and other food and drinking organizations. Sometimes, they are under pressure to serve customers fast and efficiently, especially during busy hours. Oftentimes, they work late evenings, weekends, and holidays, as well as part-time but schedules may vary.

It’s not the highest-paying job per hour in Canada but getting a 15-20% tip is encouraging. Therefore, working as a bartender/waiter in a restaurant can be a fantastic job, potentially earning you thousands of dollars a week. However, it can be a tiring job but also a fun one. You earn an average of CA$ 14 per hour working as a bartender/server.

2. Sales assistant

A sales assistant is a great job on weekends when towns and cities are busy and filled with shoppers. However, your job is to handle the cash register and support customers in the store. In addition, you can work in a clothing boutique, corner shop, or supermarket.

Either way, the pay is good and steady, and sometimes you can even get small commissions on sales you make. Although it’s a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, you likely won’t have to work early mornings or late nights. You can get an average salary of CA$ 15 per hour.

3. Dog walker

Pet owners are likely busy these days and they need people to take their pets for a walk, especially dogs, at a fee. A dog walking job is great exercise, and spending time with a dog can help reduce stress. Moreover, there are lots of dog walking companies you could apply to. You can earn between CA$ 13 and CA$ 15 per hour.

4. Snow Removal/Landscaping

Before you can apply for the job of snow removal personnel, you should check your health. If certified okay, then snow removal might be an excellent high-paying job for you. The job involves shoveling snow from walkways and driveways, as well as applying ice melt products and snow removal on walkways/stairs so people don’t slip and fall. 

Though it’s not an all-year-round thing, you can landscape in the spring and summer, or rake leaves in the fall. You can however earn an average wage of CA$ 20 per hour.

5. Barista

Learning how to make great coffee isn’t a difficult skill to learn, all you need is focus. Interestingly, Canada is one of the largest countries that consume coffee, that’s to say Canadians love coffee. Therefore, what better place would you rather experience Canadian culture than as a barista at a coffee shop?

In addition, your job as a barista will allow you to practice your English skills as you chat with customers. Also, teach you how to make some delicious hot drinks. You can earn an average of CA$ 14 per hour.

6. Tour guide  

Are you a social butterfly and an interactive person? Taking up the job of a tour guide would be perfect for you. However, you can work with a museum, a walking tour group, or a tourist attraction. Whichever way, you’ll get to share the knowledge you have of your new city with interested people.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to meet fascinating people from all across the world. In addition, you could even communicate in your language to tourists from your home country. As a tour guide, you can earn an average wage of CA$ 16 per hour.

7. Teaching Assistant  

A lot of university students take up the job of a teaching assistant because it’s one of the best jobs for international students in Canada. In addition, this job gives you the professional experience needed in your field. The role of a teaching assistant includes helping with lectures, marking, and assisting students in their studies.

However, the professors usually demand that you be a graduate student or have experience in the course. You can earn an average pay of CA$ 16 per hour.

8. Residence advisor 

Another best job for international students in Canada is a residence advisor. A residence advisor is usually an undergraduate student who lives in residence with fellow students (mostly first years). The job role includes being responsible for student’s well-being on campus. 

In addition, they act as role models, help to build community and plan team-building events for students. It’s an incredible job that would strengthen your resume to showcase those essential leadership skills. Another advantage is that you could get a rent subsidy as a residence advisor. An average salary of between CA$ 7500 and CA$ 9000 per 2 semesters.

9. Tutor

If you were probably the best student in Maths, Science, or Agricultural courses, now is the time to monetize it. Well, you could apply for the position of tutor by working part-time with high school kids in your extra time. Meanwhile, a tutor takes up the responsibility of helping students with individual assistance.

They study lesson notes and review textbooks to prepare for a tutoring session with their students. However, finding students shouldn’t be all that difficult, but with the power of social media these days, the odds are in your favor. You are at liberty to charge whatever you want but the average tutor in Canada gets about CA$ 15.50/hour. 

10. Delivery driver

One of the best jobs for international students in Canada is driving for the likes of Uber or Lyft as a part-time job. You are free to work whenever you feel like and also, the pay is incredible. However, some of the disadvantages are you’ll likely get some rude customers and also require a car.

Therefore, you might want to consider being a bicycle delivery person instead. Major cities in Canada have bicycle food delivery services and the pay is just a little below driving a car. An average salary of CA$ 17 per hour and a bicycle is also a lot cheaper than a car.


Have you ever thought of being a freelancer? In this article, we’ll tell you how you can make easy money working as a part-time freelancer. Freelancers set their prices depending on their knowledge and skills but customers can decide whether or not to engage them. If you’re considering being a freelancer as an international student in Canada, try to do something you’re already good at.

However, some of the best freelance jobs available to international students in Canada include,

  1. Translator.
  2. Content writer.
  3. Web developer / Designer.


We hope this article is quite educational and helps you navigate some of the best jobs for international students in Canada. Studying and working in Canada can be a smooth experience if you understand the work culture and build your resume well. In addition, being an international student in Canada allows you to work part-time to support yourself financially. Therefore, we wish you all the very best of luck.

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