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Highest-paying Jobs in the UK for Women

In the UK, women are paid on average, 16% less than men. However, there are some highest-paying jobs in the UK for women such as pharmacists, accountants, and management analysts, among others. The gender pay gap is still a problem in the UK, whereby women earn less than men in their working lives.


Even though it’s over forty years since the UK parliament passed the Equal Pay Act, women are still earning less than men annually. Before now, women were usually offered low-paying jobs just to support their husband’s income and nothing more left for them. Different factors such as childbirth, gender bias, and little or no access to standard educational opportunities have pushed women away from the professional workforce.

However, these issues have now become past tense as more women have found their way into the once male-dominated fields. As well as changing the way women are viewed in the workforce. Higher-paying jobs for women have also become a reality with employers becoming more cognizant of the contributions women are bringing to the employment table.

Additionally, marketing is a career that is constantly changing and is one that has embraced many women in top roles. Medicine is another career that has embraced women. As a medical practitioner, you will earn well in the UK. 

Dive in as we take you through some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK for women. Scroll down!

Eight Highest-paying Jobs in the UK for Women

Listed below are the top eight highest-paying jobs available in the UK for women. Read on!


1. Veterinarians 

The veterinary field was previously male-dominated but more women have now taken interest in the job due to various factors. Frequently, women cite the love of animals, the lack of gender discrimination in schools, and the ability to study animal science and medicine as their reasons for entering veterinary medicine. Also, the fact that women can work as small animal veterinarians and not have to deal with large animals.

Those who decide to work with large animals have access to the latest in chemical and mechanical restraints. This allows them to safely work on and around large animals with minimal concern of being injured as they assess the status of the animal. Furthermore, the role of veterinarian is one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK for women.

Veterinarians are highly skilled and can earn even more if they decide to become a specialist in a specific area of veterinary medicine. You can earn an average salary of £86,000 annually in this field.

2. Accountants

This is another highest-paying jobs in the UK for women. Naturally seen as a male-dominated profession, accounting has transformed over the years to become more equal but it’s hardly a new trend. However, women began to gain ground in this profession decades ago, a classic example of women’s empowerment.

According to reports, women made up 37% of the accountants in the UK workforce in 1983. By 2012, 60% of accountants were women. Furthermore, women are still underrepresented in higher-level management and leadership positions. Accountants earn an average salary of £36,000 in the UK annually.

3. Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners perform many of the duties as a physician, but work closely with a doctor. Although, it’s a female-dominated field because men have historically been dissuaded from becoming nurses. It’s also an excellent educational and career track as many nurse practitioners started as registered nurses.

They further returned to school to earn advanced degrees throughout their career. Interestingly, child-bearing women find this role attractive and want to earn a good salary. As well as help people with their medical needs and have flexible hours to spend more time with family.

However, this job is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK for women with the potential for salary increment as the demand for medical professionals grows. In addition, you can earn an average salary of £60,000 per year.

4. Human Resources Managers

Human resources has long been a female-dominated field due to the perception that it’s a role that is more suitable for women than men. The stereotype that women are better at making judgments about personality traits and matching them with employment roles is another factor. However, women have higher levels of emotional intelligence than men do, and this trait is useful when it comes to conflict resolution, managing people, and negotiation.

There’s no denying that these are stereotypes, but they do have a basis in reality, and women have an edge over men when it comes to being effective human resource managers. Ultimately, this is one of the higher-paying jobs for women, and it’s also where conforming to stereotypes can pay off. Human resources managers earn an average salary of £43,000 per year.

5. Physicians and Surgeons

The medical field has been steadily attracting more women to the profession as the anticipated shortage of doctors starts to become a reality. Medical schools are expanding their class sizes and opening up new schools to accommodate the demand for physicians. Previously, women have felt intimidated and discriminated against by male authority figures in the medical field.

However, this has kept women from applying for medical school, but now attitudes towards women in medicine are changing as more physicians retire and the number of qualified medical professionals is shrinking. A lot of women work as doctors and surgeons and are slowly changing the face of a male-dominated field. The average salary for a female physician is on the low end, but many go on to make much higher salaries over the course of their career.

As more women enter the medical field to work as physicians and surgeons, the better the outlook gets for them in terms of earnings potential, job satisfaction, and career growth. You may earn an average salary of £81,000 annually.

6. Management analyst

A management analyst is a type of consultant who looks at the current operating structure of an organization and finds ways to improve it. That includes reviewing and analyzing reports, procedures, manuals, system designs, and any other type of material that instructs employees how to perform their duties. Women are reaching employment parity in this field due to more women attending school for their bachelor’s degree in business and earning their master’s of business administration degree.

The role of management analyst is attractive to women as it’s one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK for women and offers a reasonable work-life balance. It’s also a role that takes advantage of the ability to think critically and combine logical thinking with emotional intelligence to find solutions to problems. In addition, management analysts may earn an average salary of £45,000 per year.

7. Pharmacists

Women are attracted to the pharmacy field due to the perception that it’s a family-friendly field. And the idea that women are natural communicators and empathetic to those in need. It’s also a field that provides one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK for women. Those interested in working in one of the STEM fields, enjoying their career, and providing care to people in need.

Working hours in the retail sector tend to be favorable towards work-life balance, and many female pharmacists can return to work part-time once their children are old enough for daycare. The shift over time from independent pharmacists to pharmacists working for employers helped attract more women to the career. However, you can earn an average salary of £50,000 per year.

8. Public Relations Officer

Women started entering the field of public relations and fundraising during WWII when women stepped in to fill the roles left empty by men going to war. Since then, the field has been dominated by women at the lower levels, but the executive levels have been dominated by men. However, women are pushing their way up the ladder and gaining access to executive titles with higher pay.

The field of public relations and fundraising has been dominated by women due to the perception that women are good at finding solutions to complex problems. As well as having a talent for building reputations with solid foundations for clients, and being skilled crisis managers. When it comes to higher-paying jobs for women, public relations provides an excellent salary that increases with time and experience. Additionally, public relations officers can earn an average salary of £25,000 annually.


There are numerous highest-paying jobs in the UK for women, your choice will depend on your educational qualification and interests. Kindly drop your review and questions.


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