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Full-Stack React Engineer with Redux & Jest Needed at Forwood

Full-Stack React Engineer with Redux & Jest Needed at Forwood


Are you an engineer who needs a job? You are in the right place because we are here to give you a piece of information on the vacancy of a full-stack react engineer at Forwood Safety. However, go through the article to find out more about this job.

About Forwood

Forwood aims to make the world a more secure surrounding to work by giving quick solutions where anyone is in danger. They are an expert in casualty avoidance. Also, they join the industry information with driving edge innovation and the most recent reasoning and approaches in security techniques.

However, Forwood is an imaginative organization with a laser center around casualty prevention. They are looking for a capable candidate to advance and execute this vision to develop their sped-up development. So, if you are enthusiastic about saving lives and feel you could commit with your specialized abilities, they need you.

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However, Forwood has a considerable number of satellite workplaces and accomplices deliberately situated worldwide. TipoTapp LLP is one of these essential coalitions in India. Also, you’ll work in a speedy, quickly developing, half-breed innovation and functional climate.




  • Firstly, ReactJS, React Hooks, RestAPIs Service Workers, State Management, Web Pack.
  • Completely Amazon Web Services Cloud Environment.
  • It would help if you were experienced in creating local applications for iOS and Android.
  • Also, it would help if you were experienced in microservices.
  • Experience as a scrum ace.
  • It would be best if you were experienced in Terraform.
  • Lastly, you must be familiar with GraphQL to be a full-stack react engineer at Forewood Safety.
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  • Firstly, you should have three to eight years of involvement/capability in Python and JavaScript.
  • Experience as a test-driven and hard copy test.
  • Experience in DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and advancement of serverless applications
  • Familiarity with ReactJS and Redux, React Native, ES6.
  • Knowledge of CI and Git.
  • Acquainted with DevOps cycles, cycles, and instruments.
  • Involvement with Agile and Scrum.
  • Acquainted with discharge pipeline on iOS and Android.
  • Appreciate functioning as a member of a friendly group.
  • Capacity to comprehend business necessities and make an interpretation of them into specialized prerequisites.
  • Experience executing UX from characterized plans and style guides.
  • Lastly, the ability to give and get input inside a group climate.
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All these are what you need to be able to apply for this job at Forewood Safety. However, I urge you to send your application as early as possible. Lastly, you should know that no one will ask for any cash or compensation for you to get the job. All you have to do is have the skill and apply. Good luck!


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