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Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students

Ever wondered, what are the cheapest Canadian universities for international students? Now, let’s check them out. In terms of high standards of education, Canada is a fantastic choice because it has some of the best universities globally. However, studying in Canada is a great decision if you’re looking for an affordable degree as an international student.


Most Canadian universities offer low tuition fees for international and domestic students. Furthermore, studying in an English or French environment in a highly developed country is a plus. The education system in Canada is outstanding and similar to great countries like the UK and USA.

However, you’ll be amazed by the standard of education, the comfort of living, and low tuition fees, which is why many international students prefer to study in Canada. Although the expenses involved when studying abroad can be discouraging, here are some of the cheapest Canadian universities for international students. In this article, we look at the five cheapest Canadian universities for international students. Dive in!

Why Study in a Canadian University?

People choose their study locations based on different factors, however, studying in a top Canadian university will afford you the following benefits.

1. Affordability

In terms of comparison, Canada offers degrees that are very affordable for you, just like in top universities in the UK, USA, and other English-speaking countries.

2. The reputation

Canada is known for having a good reputation when it comes to quality education. Furthermore, this country has one of the best education systems globally and its universities are no exception.


3. Ease of living

Studying in another country may sound intimidating, but choosing an English-speaking, first-world country will make it easier for you as an international student.

4. Affordable options

You’ll have access to scholarships and work opportunities to support yourself throughout your education. Many programs also offer co-op work placements or internships to get hands-on experience while you study.

Top Five Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students 

Tuition fee for international students in Canada is based on the type of program and your choice of study location. However, some of the top Canadian universities include the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University, and the University of Montreal. These universities are internationally recognized as excellent schools and also offer more affordable tuition fees than their international counterparts.

Scroll down for five of the cheapest Canadian universities for international students.

1. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a place that cannot entirely be described as “cheap”. But it’s also one of the cheapest based on the list of top universities in Canada. Compared to the University of Toronto, with an average tuition fee of around $41,545 and $61,355, or the University of British Columbia which costs between $34,275 and $41,155, the University of Calgary is far cheaper at $24,408.

Furthermore, this university is located in the province of Alberta and it has 14 faculties and 85 research institutes. Yearly, the University of Calgary admits roughly 33,000 students. It’s also the alma mater of top shots like James Gosling (lead designer of the Java programming language), Garrett Camp (co-founder of Uber), Robert Thirsk (astronaut), and Chip Wilson (founder of Lululemon Inc.).

Why study at the University of Calgary?

According to QS rankings, the University of Calgary is 242nd among all the top universities in the world and on the top-ten list in Canada. In addition, this university has a work-integrated learning and a 95% employment rate after graduation. Either the School of Arts or the Haskayne School of Business, the University of Calgary has a top-notch student satisfaction rate.

Furthermore, the University of Calgary has several student support activities and a diverse student community. This makes it a great place to explore and upgrade your higher education experience. Here, the undergraduate tuition fee is about $26,000, while the graduate average tuition fee ranges between $8,245 and $21,595.

2. University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is a public research university situated in Guelph, Ontario, and was established in 1964. It’s comprised of seven major faculties in which the courses are offered. However, the University of Guelph offers admission to roughly 30,000 students every year.

Why study at the University of Guelph?

According to QS rankings, this university is ranked 591-600 in the world. Furthermore, it’s one of the top 50 research universities in Canada. They are particularly known for their veterinary and agricultural sciences programs.

The University of Guelph stands at number five worldwide when it comes to veterinary sciences. Moreover, they offer over 100 different graduate programs and create a personalized learning atmosphere. The average tuition fee for an undergraduate program is around $35,000.

However, the graduate fee ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 (for a Master’s in Data Science or Cybersecurity). Despite the fees, the university has a good number of scholarships which makes it one of the cheapest Canadian universities for international students.

3. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba was founded in 1877 and it’s the first university in Western Canada. Popular for its great research, the university has contributed to the discovery of a treatment for and control of Rh hemolytic disease. As well as the genetic research that produced canola, which is the world’s third-largest edible oil crop.

The university’s motto is “Floreat” which is a Latin word meaning “flourish” or “prosper”. However, the university has over 30,000 current students. The University de Saint-Boniface is a French university affiliated with the University of Manitoba.

Why study at the University of Manitoba?

Ranked 650-700 worldwide by QS Rankings, this school provides high-quality teaching, learning, and research opportunities in Manitoba. Furthermore, the university draws attention to values like academic freedom, accountability, collegiality, equity and inclusion, excellence, innovation, respect, and sustainability. The University of Manitoba also has updated curricula, innovative pedagogies, and high employment rates which gives the university an upper hand.

The average yearly tuition fee for an undergraduate student is between $17,850 and $30,000, making it one of the cheapest Canadian universities for international students. Additionally, the university has entrance scholarships, other funding, and bursaries for international students. These fundings are instituted to reward academic excellence and the amount is dynamic and calculated based on your academic performance.

4. University of Saskatchewan 

Founded in 1907 and located in the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan is another public research university. A member of the U15 group of Canadian research universities, it began as an agricultural college and grew to be one of the more renowned yet low-fee universities in Canada. Furthermore, this university is home to the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, one of the largest and most innovative investments in Canadian science.

Why study at the University of Saskatchewan?

This university is ranked 473rd in the world by QS Rankings, it provides practical hands-on experience through internships and co-op programs during study. Meanwhile, it is a relatively small university that provides high student support. It is the alma mater of John Diefenbaker, the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.

As well as Henry Taube, winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and William McIntyre, former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. However, for international students, the average tuition fee ranges between $19,890 and $40,050 (School of Business Administration). But courses like Law or Nursing are between $45,000 and $55,000.

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland was founded in 1925 as a living memorial to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who died in the First World War. It’s a public university with its main campus situated in St John’s with additional campuses in Corner Brook, Saint Pierre, and Harlow. The motto of this Canadian college in Latin is Provehito in Altum, which translates to ‘Launch forth into the deep’.

Why study at Memorial University of Newfoundland?

Ranked 641-650 in QS World University Rankings, this university offers several unique programs to over 19,000 students from 115 countries. MUN offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses across five campuses and online. Due to its location in Atlantic Canada, this university is one of the top research universities for Ocean studies, Marine Engineering, and Naval engineering.

However, the average tuition fee for an international student is $21,000. You can also secure diplomas and certificates at much more affordable rates, making it one of the low-fee colleges in Canada. They also have several international scholarship options available for students.


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