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Top Visiting States in the United States- Do Not Miss These!!!

Top Visiting States in the United States

According to statistics, Florida and New York are the most visited states in the United states. But there are many other enchanting destinations worthy of a visit too.


Embrace the cosmopolitan attractions in New York City or tick off bucket list sights in California. You could enjoy the beauty of national parks or explore the otherworldly wilderness in Alaska or Utah.

1. California One of the Adventurous States in the United States

The Golden State is the most visited state in America, and it offers a diverse range of things to do. Thrilling theme parks, quality cuisine and wine, and beautiful sunny beaches are just a few of the attractions. But it’s California’s incredible natural landscapes that are a major draw for visitors. Explore the sand dunes of Los Angeles or hike the peaks of Yosemite National Park.

The most popular states in the United States offer a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences, iconic landmarks, and natural wonders that attract tourists from across the world. From cosmopolitan cities to secluded wilderness, each American region is unique and caters to different travelers’ needs. The most visited states in the United States vary by year and depend on tons of factors.

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2. New York

New York offers a wealth of iconic tourist attractions, including the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls. This world-class city also boasts a thriving arts scene and many famous restaurants. While stereotypes portray New Yorkers as brash and rude, TripAdvisor reports that the majority of people welcome visitors and are happy to help them explore their home.

Virginia is steeped in history and attracts nearly 90 million tourists each year. Visitors can stroll the historic streets of Williamsburg and Alexandria and visit iconic landmarks like Mount Vernon and Monticello. In addition, Virginia is home to 17 incredible Smithsonian museums and is one of the best states for foodies.


The state of North Carolina combines scenic beauty, charming coastal towns, and vibrant cities. The Tar Heel State is known for its booming craft beer and food scenes, while Asheville offers a rich artistic spirit. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this city is home to the historic Biltmore Estate and Wright Brothers National Memorial.

3. Florida

The Sunshine State entices travelers with its blend of history, vibrant cities, and scenic landscapes. Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, beckons with its historic landmarks and charming architecture.

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Pittsburgh, home to the Andy Warhol Museum, enchants with its world-class art and culture scene. The “sweetest place on earth” of Hershey delights with its array of chocolate. Florida also boasts glitzy beach resorts, sprawling golf courses, and pristine beaches.

Rhode Island offers a blend of cultural attractions, scenic beauty, and outdoor adventures. Boston is steeped in history, while Providence provides a more contemporary experience with its thriving food and arts scene.

Hawaii is a natural wonder, with its stunning beaches and volcanic islands. Its enchanting landscapes and warm hospitality create an unforgettable experience for visitors.

4. Pennsylvania States in the United States

A thriving city and beautiful landscapes attract visitors to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, beckons history buffs to explore iconic landmarks like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Enjoy outdoor adventure at the Pocono Mountains and Amish Country. Pittsburgh showcases stunning architecture, world-class museums and the renowned Andy Warhol Museum. Hershey, the Sweetest Place on Earth, delights chocolate lovers with a visit to Hersheypark and Hershey Factory Tour.

The Buckeye State combines vibrant cities with picturesque landscapes, attracting more than 200 million visitors in 2021. Boston delights sports fans with a visit to Red Sox stadium, and the city’s vibrant arts scene is complemented by renowned craft breweries.

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Ohio is home to more than 40 million people, but it still ranks among the top 10 states that draw travelers from across the nation and world. Experience the vibrant culture of college towns and historic communities.

Ohio’s Cincinnati enchants visitors with historic architecture, beautiful parks and the iconic Cincinnati Zoo. The burgeoning arts scene in Cleveland attracts over two million visitors. Visit the scenic shores of Lake Erie.

5. Alaska

The state’s vast wilderness provides the perfect setting for hikers, bikers, fishermen and campers to enjoy its stunning landscapes and countless lakes and rivers. Visitors can take part in thrilling activities like glacier trekking or rafting, or relax and soak in the wide-open spaces of the state’s national parks.

Whether it’s taking in the sights and sounds of cosmopolitan cities like New York, exploring the architecture of famous Frank Lloyd Wright buildings or attending a professional sports game, there are plenty of attractions to keep visitors busy across America’s states. From iconic landmarks to pristine beaches and a host of world-class theme parks, there’s something for everyone to discover in the United States.


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