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Fruit Picker Job in Canada

Fruit picker job in Canada is one of the great jobs for immigrants with little or no educational qualification. Although, it is a seasonal job and you may work with hard fruits such as apples and pears. As well as soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries depending on the harvest period.


However, as a fruit picker in Canada, you may either work in an orchard or under a polytunnel. You will start your job role very early in the day, this is to ensure that the fruits are picked fresh. In addition, the fruit picker job in Canada mostly attracts students, young and agile people, and foreign workers. On the other hand, your employers may provide accommodation for you.

Canada is known as a multicultural and not overpopulated country. Therefore, the country is highly in need of labor, especially in remote areas where citizens do not prefer to work. The majority of farms and orchards are far from the city, so the Canadian government has allowed foreign workers to apply for fruit picker jobs in Canada, if interested.

Fruit pickers in Canada may earn an average salary of $16.50 per hour or $29,350 annually. Entry-level positions start at $27,780 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $32,320 per year. They are paid based on the number of fruit trays produced and this could be affected by weather.

In this article, we’ll take you through the duties of a fruit picker job in Canada and the qualifications required to get the job. Read on!

Fruit Picker Job Duties


Fruit pickers need to be smart, and work fast, and efficiently. However, they must ensure that the fruits picked are ripe and of the same size. As well as avoiding the bruised and damaged ones. As a fruit picker in Canada, your job duties will require you to work outdoors and harvest fruit from plants or trees.

Simply put, your job function is to basically go to the fruit farm, pick it, and pack it in containers for transport. In some cases, you’ll be required to work close to the ground, as in the case of harvesting berries. Other times, you may need to climb or use tools to reach fruits like apples growing in trees.

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Furthermore, you may have to work in various locations depending on the season. You would also need to separate unwanted stems, and carefully pack them into pummets. As a fruit picker, your employer may also want you to label and load crates onto vehicles for shipping.

Additionally, you may also be required to plant crops, use farm machinery, irrigate, and spray the field with pesticides. Dive in, as we write on the qualifications required and some fruit-picking tips.

Qualification To Get Fruit Picking Job

Most employers do not require that you have any specific academic qualifications since you can learn on the job. However, for you to get a seasonal fruit-picking job in Canada, you must possess the physical ability to perform manual labor and the willingness to work in the field. However, employers prefer to employ applicants who have previous experience picking and handling particular types of fruit.

Also, some employers prefer field employees who have the skills to drive a tractor, truck, or forklift. After several years of experience, you can apply to work as a foreman or field manager who oversees other pickers. No age limit is required for the fruit picker job in Canada.

Fruit Picking Tips

Canada is a great country with a vast landscape and booming agricultural activities. Working as a fruit picker in Canada is a great experience for all ages. Therefore, have some fun and be happy while on the job.

However, you need to be careful as each type of fruit requires a different picking technique to ensure no damage is done. For instance, apples require you to twist and pull, while cherries are picked from the stems. You’ll do well to ask questions when necessary, the farm staff is very knowledgeable about various fruits and their picking technique.

Ensure you don’t pick out of the specified areas because fruits and vegetables ripen at different times. Meanwhile, most fruits are ripe and ready when they easily come off the tree branch but if it’s hard to pull off, then it’s not ripe yet.

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Tips to Create a Fruit Picker Job Resume

Below, we have compiled some tips on how to write an effective fruit picker job resume.

1. Read The Job Description

The job description usually contains some vital information such as the job title, duties and responsibilities, skills, experience, and academic qualifications the recruitment company requires in an applicant. With this information, you’ll be able to customize your resume for the job role. In addition, include specific keywords from the job description on your application to help you pass through an online ATS.

2. Research The Company

Try to research the company where you’re seeking employment, this will enable you to understand its goals and vision. You can also include your shared goals in your professional summary. For instance, you could state that you’re delighted to help the company harvest quality and ripe fruits to meet its objectives. This shows your attentiveness to the details of the job. 

3. Choose a Format

For your resume writing format, you may decide to select either the reverse-chronological, functional, or combination style. However, if you have employment gaps, are switching careers, or it’s your first job, the functional model is better. Here, you’ll write your skills at the top of your application, followed by your work history and education.

But, if you have steady progression as a fruit picker, use the reverse-chronological format. Here, your work experience comes first, then followed by your educational qualifications and skills. Furthermore, you can use the combination format if you’ve several skills and a steady career progression to emphasize both. This involves listing your work history, followed by your skills and educational background.

4. Include Your Contact information

At the top of the document, include your full name and location by using a bold font for your name and increasing its size. Underneath, you can write your phone number and email address. If you have a social media profile or website that displays your work history, do well to include a link to it here.

5. Include a Professional Summary

Write a brief professional summary that’s two to three sentences long, describing your work ethic, experience, and accomplishments. Recruitment managers use this to determine your suitability, so it’s important to include essential keywords from the job description. However, you should write it last, so you know which information can present you as a suitable candidate.

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In addition, use some adjectives, such as detail-oriented, reliable, and enthusiastic when beginning the sentence, and mention your years of experience as a fruit picker. Follow this with an accomplishment and quantify it with figures. You can also include one or two skills from the job description that match yours.

6. List Your Work Experience

To secure a fruit picker job in Canada, your years of experience are important since little/no education is necessary. However, start with your most recent role and end with your earliest one to emphasize your current abilities. Make sure you mention your previous job titles, dates of employment, as well as company names.

Ensure you use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and include outcomes or quantifiable results where possible. This shows that you can add value to the company if offered the job role. Also, highlight each job duty as a bullet point to make them easier to read.

7. Add Relevant Skills

The skills section contains several keywords that recruitment managers look for in a candidate, so ensure you include those from the job description. Include hard skills that show your relevant capabilities, such as fruit sorting, labeling, packaging, harvesting, and quality control. Also, highlight soft skills, such as attention to detail, physical stamina, communication, organization, creativity, and problem-solving. This shows that you’re multifaceted and can handle several aspects of the job.

8. Outline Your Educational Background

Include a section for your educational qualifications, such as GCSEs, A-levels, diplomas, or degrees. List the highest level first and include the names of the schools or universities you attended. Also, add graduation dates if they’re within the past five years.


Immigrating to Canada as a fruit picker is a great choice for unskilled people with little or no educational qualification. However, you will learn on the job.


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