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10 Best Jobs For Ex Teachers In Canada

Best Jobs For Ex Teachers: If teaching is no longer in your plans, your professional skills and experiences can still have an impactful presence in other roles. Your contribution could make an important impactful contribution towards student development even without teaching!


Curators manage collections of art and historical artifacts for museums or other venues, making this an excellent career option for former teachers who possess strong organizational and communication abilities.

1. Education Policy Analyst

Many teachers find themselves leaving the classroom due to dissatisfaction or burnout, yet their teaching skills remain highly applicable across several fields beyond education.

One potential career option for educators interested in exploring and creating educational policies for government organizations is being an education policy analyst, which involves researching and creating policies. Teachers looking for an alternative career option might consider working as museum education directors where you’d oversee programs like implementation of educational programs as well as tours for visitors.

2. Library Assistant

If the parts of teaching you disliked were dealing with paperwork, grading, and scheduling, librarianship could be an excellent alternative. Not only will you continue helping students but will have more time to focus on those elements of education you enjoy!

Teaching skills such as organization, planning, public speaking and empathy translate well to business life; many former teachers make excellent sales reps.

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3. Personal Fitness Trainer

Teachers can leverage their outstanding interpersonal communication skills in non-traditional teaching roles, including corporate training and talent development. Such roles offer teachers who wish to continue working with people but lack an interest in traditional classroom settings an avenue of doing so.

If you enjoy helping students, consider becoming a test prep instructor. With only around one year of additional training required to become certified professional, this career makes great use of your organizational and multitasking abilities.

4. 3D Animation Artist

Teachers often love creating and telling stories, making 3D animation an ideal profession for teachers. You could work in this industry in various sectors such as feature films or gaming.

Child protective services workers provide guidance and counsel to both parents and children in matters pertaining to protection. You might assist in extracting children from hazardous situations and placing them into emergency shelters.

Many teachers fear that employers outside education won’t value their skills; however, there are numerous ways that teaching experience translates well to non-classroom jobs.

5. Curator

Many teachers discover they don’t enjoy teaching but want to explore alternative fields of work. Teaching can be stressful and demanding; teachers typically seek more flexible jobs that provide better pay.

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If your background lies in art or history, this career could be ideal. By working alongside museums to acquire, evaluate, and categorize valuable items.

Human resources (HR) specialists offer another great career option for teachers looking to apply their expertise outside the education realm. HR specialists oversee staffing, recruitment and training for their company.

6. Foreign Language Teacher

Teaching skills such as organization, public speaking and communication translate easily to other careers fields. For teachers looking to move out of teaching altogether, the most crucial first step should be identifying what kind of job they desire next.

Teachers looking for an alternative career option within education could consider becoming museum educators, managing educational programs and departments in museums instead of traditional classroom environments. Their duties are similar but may include more hands-on work.

7. Educational Sales Representative

If you miss the personal connections made with students but do not want to return to a classroom setting, social work could be the perfect career path for you. By helping those dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues, helping people can maintain your teaching abilities while making a real impactful difference in people’s lives.

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Corporate training specialists are responsible for employee education and development, making them ideal careers for subject-matter experts who enjoy exploring their craft further in an office-like setting. It can also serve as a great break from classroom environments.

9. Physical Therapist Assistant

If you enjoy teaching but prefer an alternative approach, becoming a test prep instructor could be the ideal career path for you. These instructors help students study for high school and college exams.

Substance abuse counselors are in high demand due to high rates of consumption among teenagers. If you enjoy connecting with people one-on-one and helping them build brighter futures, this could be your calling. Though be wary, as this job will require evening shifts as well as potential exposure to pathogens; make an informed decision before taking it up!

10. Administrative Support

If you want to continue in education, there are numerous administrative jobs available. From elementary through secondary school administration and even city or district levels.

Corporate trainer is another way of making use of your presentation and organizational abilities, with you responsible for designing and implementing training programs – even on a freelance basis!