Human Resources 20/Hr Job in Bakersfield CA

Human Resources 20/Hr Job in Bakersfield CA

20/Hr Job in Bakersfield CA – How much money do Human Resources jobs in Bakersfield, CA pay? This article will discuss how much you can expect to earn and what expenses you should budget for. You’ll also learn about how much housing costs in Bakersfield, CA are on average and how much transportation costs are.

The average salary range for a Human Resources job in Bakersfield, CA

The Human Resources average salary in Bakersfield, CA, can reach up to $30,032. However, your salary may vary greatly, depending on your skills, experience, and location. The ZipRecruiter website is a great place to search for Human Resources jobs in Bakersfield. It is updated daily with millions of local jobs.

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Salaries for Human Resources managers can vary greatly depending on the industry and location. For example, a Human Resources Manager’s salary in Bakersfield, CA may be $61,000 to $133,000 per year, or up to $29 to $64 an hour. In other cities and states, Human Resources managers earn even more.

Average housing expense

While the housing market in Bakersfield is not cheap, it is still much more affordable than most other parts of California. With an average cost of living of just over $12,000 a year, you can afford a house here for just over half of what the national average is. In addition, there is a recent increase in new home construction, which has made the city even more affordable. While some custom homes in the area can cost over a million dollars, a mid-priced new home in Bakersfield can be found starting in the $400s with 2,500 square feet of living space.

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While housing costs are lower than the national average, Bakersfield’s a grocery and utility prices are higher than average. A gallon of milk can cost around $3.65, and the average water bill can be around $65 a month, depending on the amount of water used by each household. In addition, California has some of the highest taxes in the country.

Average transportation expense

One of the most common costs of living in Bakersfield, CA is transportation. It can cost around $12 per person to get to work in the city without adding snacks or drinks. In addition, California has a high tax rate and Bakersfield is no exception. The average sales tax in Bakersfield is 8.25%, which includes both state and city tax rates. However, the city’s property taxes are still much lower than the national average.

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If you want to avoid driving to work, you can use public transportation. The Golden Empire Transit bus system has 107 buses that serve about 900 stops. The bus system also has several routes that cover different parts of the city. There are three main transit centers in the city: Downtown Transit Center, Bakersfield College, and the Southwest Transit Center. We hope this article is helpful to know more about Human Resources 20/Hr Job in Bakersfield CA.

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