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What is The Current Job Situation in Canada?

The current job situation in Canada is favorable and lots of highly in-demand jobs are available. Even though it’s not an easy task getting these jobs, it’s surely not impossible. You have to be consistent, have the right format resume, build networks, and meet with employers.


Canada’s job market witnessed remarkable changes, resulting in job openings across multiple sectors. From the expanding education sector to the enlargement of transportation and warehousing. Due to the superb educational institutions within the country, and also because of highly skilled immigrants in Canada yearly, Canadian economic growth is aiming for its peak.

Furthermore, The Federal Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has planned to welcome roughly 1.5 million people over the next three years. Meanwhile, this target is spread as 465,000 for 2023, 485,000 for 2024, and 500,000 for 2025. This is in line with creating new immigration policies and programs for recruiting foreign workers looking for better employment prospects.

Every year, the Canadian government pursues the goal of welcoming newcomers to Canada. With nearly one million job vacancies, there is a major demand for skilled/unskilled workers to fill the available positions. However, this article will enlighten you about the current job situation in Canada and some top in-demand jobs for the year.

The success rate of Jobs in Canada

What are the success rates of immigrants in finding jobs in Canada? Canada added about 40,000 jobs in August, but it also added 100,000 more people as well. Statistics Canada reported that while the economy added jobs, the country also added about 102,000 new people. 

Even with the upsurge, the employment rate of adults who have a job, compared to the working-age population reduced by 0.1 percent to 61.9 percent. Going by the field, the professional, scientific, and technical services category was a source of strength, adding about 52,000 posts. Meanwhile, construction added roughly 34,000 jobs.


On the other hand, the education sector lost 44,000 jobs, and manufacturing diminished by 30,000. However, a lot of the free-lance jobs expanded by 50,000 positions. In addition, the public sector also increased by roughly 13,000 jobs while the private sector contracted by 23,000 jobs.

Thus far this year, Canada’s job market has added about 25,000 new jobs per month on average. Furthermore, the country needs a stable flow of jobs to match the fuming population growth. Although, the supply of workers is growing more than the demand.

Some In-demand Jobs in Canada

1. Medical Laboratory Assistant 

When it comes to high-paying, easy jobs in Canada for immigrants, medical laboratory assistant roles are an excellent option for science lovers. The minimum wage for theses workers is $27/hour. However, if you are diligent at your job or you apply by yourself, you could make up to $71/hour. That is an incredible wage.

2. Pharmacy Assistant 

A pharmacy assistant is an ideal career path if you like to relate with people and perform independent tasks. You’ll help patients, work alongside pharmacists, and spend your time compounding and formulating medications for patients. In addition, this career has an over-average employment view, making it a better choice for immigrants to develop long-term stability.

3. Community Support Worker 

It is also one of the easy jobs to get in Canada. As a foreigner to Canada yourself, you’ll get a better understanding of how foreign workers may struggle. By working as a Community Support Worker, you can use your direct experience to help other newcomers settle into Canada comfortably.

4. Food Service Supervisor

If you are seeking an easy unskilled job, consider a food service supervisor post. As a food service supervisor, you will need to coordinate and direct the activities of workers. Those who prepare, portion, and serve food and you will also be in charge of the daily management of food operations.

5. Marketing/sales Operative

Do you have a high entrepreneurial spirit and love marketing products and services? You can select from the wide line-up of marketing and sales jobs in Canada. Furthermore, these positions are critical in every business and are available in IT, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. This field also has more job opportunities in Canada. Good communication and negotiation abilities are important and a solid resume.

6. Software Engineer and Designer Role

A highly skilled but easy-to-get job in Canada is a software engineer or designer. If you have the applicable skills and experience and have secured the relevant software certifications, a software engineer/designer role is for you. These positions are available in several companies in the public and private sectors.

7. Teacher

Teachers work in schools to coach students from kindergarten through high school. They outline lesson plans, educate students, and give assignments and tests, following the official provincial curriculum. However, it’s a very important job, because they are in charge of coaching the next generation of adults.

They also give them the understanding, tools, and assistance they need to succeed in the real world. Be a degree holder from an accredited

tertiary institution, and complete a teacher education program. The average annual salary is $103,926.

8. Warehouse Worker

Based on the current job situations in Canada warehouse worker is another in-demand job. The demand for goods in Canada is on the high side, therefore there is demand for talents like warehouse workers across the supply chain. Based on high demand, many job opportunities are available for both skilled and unskilled workers. In addition, they earn between CAD 17 to CAD 29 per hour.

Canadian job market 

Things are good in the Canadian job market. However, this is due to the strong economy. Canada is the 10th largest nominal GDP country. Some of the powerful sectors are: 

  • In 2019, the service organization was employing around 79.25% of the population.
  • The logging and oil industries are the country’s main sectors, and they remain significant for the economy.
  • Canada also has one of the major entertainment software companies. 
  • The technology sector is also strongly represented in the country’s economy. 

By the last phase of last year, Canada had over 900K unrealized positions due to the unavailability of skilled workers and fast economic growth.

Latest Canada’s labor market gains

  • The Canadian labor market added 63.7k positions in September, with full-time employment up 15.8k and part-time employment up 47.8k. 
  • The unemployment rate was stable at 5.5% and the participation rate increased by 0.1 percentage point to 65.6%.
  • Employment by sector showed gains in educational services (+66k), and transportation and warehousing (+19k). Job losses were seen in finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing (-20k), construction (-18k), and information, culture and recreation (-12k).
  • Lastly, total hours worked were down 0.2% month-on-month and wages were up 5.0% year-on-year (consistent compared to August).       

Key Implications

  • The Canadian jobs market has been surprised by the upside once again. Today’s headline print was double the trend pace over 2023, boosted by Canada’s continued increase in residents and a surge of workers entering the job market (+72k m/m). While the headline figures will be grabbing most of the attention, we’d caution against getting too excited. Almost all the gains were in the historically volatile Education sector. And when looking at cyclically driven private sector firms, hiring only increased by 1k this month. Furthermore, most of the job gains were in part-time employment, causing the number of hours worked to decline. These details should throw some cold water on a seemingly hot jobs report. 
  • The Bank of Canada has been searching for evidence that past rate hikes are starting to bite. Today’s employment report muddies the outlook. Financial markets are cementing pricing for another 25bps rate hike in the coming months, causing the Canada 2-year yield to surge over 15bps this morning. There will be a lot more data coming out between now and the next BoC rate decision (CPI, housing, retail sales), and the Bank will likely need to see significant weakness in these reports to prevent it from pulling the trigger on another hike. 


The current job situation in Canada is favorable and lots of highly in-demand jobs are available. Even though it’s not an easy task getting these jobs, it’s surely not impossible. You have to be consistent, have the right format resume, build networks, and meet with employers.

In this article, you will realize that the single greatest determinant of immigrant success in the short, medium, and long term may not be pre-landing Canadian work experience. it’s rather the quality of this pre-landing experience. Immigrants who were able to study or work at recognized institutions and capacities in Canada held a significant advantage. 


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