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Jobs Openings For Science Guide At TELUS Spark

Job Details

Job Title: Science Guide


Employer: TELUS Spark

Location: 220 St Georges Drive NE, Calgary, AB

Shift: Weekends, Evenings, Monday to Friday

Wage: $18.00 – $18.91 per hour depending on experience 

Terms of employment: Temporary, Part-time, Fixed term contract


Start date: Starts as soon as possible 

Vacancies: Two to five positions

Verified: Yes

How To Apply

Interested candidates can submit their cover letter and resume, through our job application portal – This should be done as soon as possible.

About Spark

The purpose of Calgary’s science center Spark is unwavering. We have established Spark to make lives and the world much better through an affinity for science. By visiting Spark, encountering Spark in the community, and online around the world, people are lifted through our positive power of curiosity, experimentation, and creativity. Also, we are a registered charity.

Furthermore, the outcome is profound and we help a lot of people of all ages group fuel up for the future because at Spark, science, technology, and invention are embedded in cultural experiences. This creates new points of access to the disciplines at the core of innovation. As such, we aim to transform lives and inspire the future.

We are currently accepting applications for temporary Camp Staff to join our team between March to August 2024. For our Spring Break Camps, PD Day Camps, and Summer Break Camps.

Position Overview

At Spark, we are currently hiring a part-time contract Science Guide (Youth Programs). The Science Guide (Youth Programs) will need to report directly to the Assistant Manager, of Community Science Connections, and the Manager, of Community Science Connections. In addition, the Science Guide (Camp Programs) is particularly responsible for being one of the tremendous personalities that delight our campers all through our learning programs offered during our Spring and Summer Camps.

These Science Guides can also be called upon to assist with the creation, piloting, and implementation of new programs as they make sense within the context of their day. The Science Guides, as a whole, are the face of Spark’s customer service and science communication front lines. They are responsible for providing top-notch STEAM programming, maintaining a clean and safe learning environment, and coordinating daily activities with the broader camps team and other stakeholders (both internally and externally). 

Key Responsibilities

You will have to work in teams, supervise, and maintain a safe and respectful camp atmosphere for a group of 20 Campers. These campers will be between the age range of 5 and 12 years old as they explore TELUS Spark Science Centre spaces. Also, you will need to work together with other staff and volunteers to set up, deliver, and manage materials for hands-on and themed STEM activities.

You will provide exceptional customer service for camp guardians while safely signing Campers in and out. As well as offering updates on their Camper’s progress and behavior. Leading games and/or songs to help Campers get to know one another is another fun way to engage campers and have a fun-filled week at the camp.

Other Responsibilities

As a science guide, you must develop positive classroom relationships and maintain high-quality programming with inclusive classroom management. You must also be vigilant in applying and overseeing the execution of all health and safety protocols. In addition, you’ll assist with the development, iteration, and piloting of ground-breaking education experiences.

As well as supporting the planning and logistics of all camp programs. As such, you will need to ensure that the rooms are set up and prepared to provide a seamless experience for our campers. And that all necessary supplies are available, the rooms are in a clean state when not occupied so they can otherwise be utilized. Furthermore, you will take an ongoing learning approach to maintain the quality of programming through learning new teaching techniques and practices.

Also, learn soft skill development and engage in training programs offered internally. As well as ensuring that all elements of the camper journey are held to the highest standard. You will make sure that personal and team activities are aligned with the business and strategic goals of Spark as a whole. Model high performance, flexibility, and kindness in a rapidly changing growth environment.

Qualifications And Knowledge

You will need to possess at least one year of experience leading and working with groups of children in a camp or classroom setting. You must also have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), facilitation, design, and inquiry. Be team-oriented by being able to work independently and as part of a group.

Furthermore, you will need to be adaptable with excellent problem-solving skills. Have the ability to think on your feet and approach challenging situations with positivity and confidence. Be creative and generous with your energy, as well as be interested in organizing your daily work tasks so that they can be approached with a sense of play and fun.

Highly empathetic and a demonstrated passion for inclusion and accommodation of different learning styles. Skills in public speaking and customer service, as well as experience in delivering and developing educational programs, are an asset. Having at least one year of post-secondary education would be considered an asset

Culture At Spark

At Spark, our goal is to become one of the top 10 most-worth-visiting science centers in the world. With our skilled and confident programming, Spark will attract visitors from around the city, province, and globe. We will immerse them in emotive experiences as visitors explore ever-evolving, quirky, and thought-provoking galleries.

Furthermore, skilled programming at this level of success will only be possible with an organization-wide commitment to effective performance. High performance at Spark is both defined and experienced by diverse cultures and proactively advances equity among all human beings as part of the definition of effectiveness. 

Also, our high-performance culture is driven by a shared purpose.

Our team members are united by values and proud of the reputation we are building together. What does high performance look like at Spark? Come check it out!

Commitment To Purpose

At Spark, all of our employees are purpose-driven leaders. We are so passionate about entertaining people of all ages in creative encounters with science, technology, and engineering, while the output of your work reflects our values. Such as collaboration, curiosity, courage, commitment, and creativity. Why? Simply because it makes the world more kind, safe, and better for everyone.

Culture Of Philanthropy

Spark is a registered educational charity and we rely on the support of sponsors and donors. With this, we can ensure that the world becomes a better place for all.


Commitment To Continuous Learning

Your individual growth is driven by a desire to be a part of the team that makes Spark one of the best science centers in the world. Every day is a professional development day at Spark. And we require you to search for lots of learning opportunities and pursue professional growth. At times the growth may be uncomfortable, however, you must embrace it as part of the journey.

Agents Of Change

We are a culture of experimentalists. As such, we encourage and expect our employees to make suggestions that can improve a program, presentation, process, or service. It’s also expected and encouraged for suggestions to be accepted and tried with a thank you for helping each other get even stronger.

Coaching Mindset

Sparklers are committed to helping each other become even stronger in our roles. Upgrading each other’s work is enjoyable and rewarding because teams are built on trust. Supervisor feedback feels like coaching, not criticism or punishment. Remember, you can say anything if you are kind, clear, and non-judgmental. This is how high-performance teams are built.

Winning And Losing Together As A Team

We work together to drive action and results that are aligned with Spark’s mission in the outside world. We encourage healthy debate and science-based decision-making. Our relationships allow us to make big asks of each other and get big things done together with a sense of urgency and excellence. If someone appears to fail, you ask, “What did I do or not do to contribute to that, as it is my failure too.”

Achieving Results

Spark is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of communicating science and we carry that dedication to excellence in every aspect of Spark’s work. We encourage each other to set stretch goals and work together across all departments to exceed them. 

How To Apply: Interested candidates can submit their cover letter and resume, through our job application portal – Please ensure that you include the weeks you are available for within this contract period. 

Closing Date: The job opportunities will remain open until all positions are filled. 

We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. At Spark, we are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workplace so if you are excited about this role please apply! An excitement and passion for science can go a long way here so you may be just the right candidate for this or other roles at Spark.


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