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5 Best States in the US for Architects

Becoming a successful architect is not a day’s job, you’ve got to continuously chase your dream. Sometimes, chasing your dream might involve relocating to a new state, city, or town. You shouldn’t just choose any state or city out there, but the best states in the US for architects.


Meanwhile, the United States is already one of the best countries for Architects around the world. When building an architectural career, aside from the strict studies, there are some underlying factors you must consider, which will be discussed later in the article. As an architect in the US, you can earn an average salary of $128,750 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

As such, the United States is one of the best countries for individuals who want to advance their careers, as well as those just getting started. Since the pandemic, remote job opportunities have increased so much, making it easier for architects to get jobs from anywhere in the world. Even though the pay is great, there are other factors you must consider before relocating to one of the best states in the US for architects.

These factors include the standards of living, employment opportunities, and good architectural schools in case you want to further your studies. In this article, we will discuss five of the best states in the US for architects. As well as the benefits of working as an architect. Let’s dive in! 

What Does an Architect do?

Architects are responsible for planning and designing buildings, structures, or spaces for clients. They usually work closely with their clients to know what they want, and how they want the project to be, and provide initial cost estimates for construction. Architects are licensed professionals who prepare architectural specifications for a project with computer software and present them to their clients for approval.

Furthermore, architects develop final construction plans for the project that adhere to regulatory requirements lime building codes. They also oversee contracts with different contractors and continuously visit construction sites. This is to ensure that the work is exactly like the architectural plans and meets the demands of the client.


Best States in the US for Architects

1. San Francisco, California

Undoubtedly, California is one of the best states in the US for architects. It also has the highest number of employment opportunities when compared to other states. This is good news for architecture graduates in and outside the US. In California, the best cities for architects include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Rosa.

Interestingly, San Francisco is the highest-paying city for architects in the US with an average salary of $97,300 annually. However, the top-tier architects are paid even more, with the highest salary at $165,500 annually. While the lowest pay was reported to be $42,750 per year.


In case you plan to relocate to California, then expect to get a salary range of $75,000 – $106,000. With over 450 architectural firms, there are plenty of job opportunities in the Bay Area of San Francisco. 

2. New York City, NY

New York comes in as the third-highest-paying city after Santa Rosa. As such, an architect in New York can earn an average salary of $94,000 per year. However, if you’re an experienced architect, your salary may significantly increase to $155,000 annually.

While the lowest salary may be around $40,000. Intermediate or entry-level architects can also earn an average salary of between $69,000 and $99,500. Furthermore, New York is home to a lot of architectural designs like the Empire State Building and Central Park. As an architecture student, are you wondering how to secure a job after graduating? Worry less!

New York City is also one of the best cities where architecture graduates flourish based on a very high number of architectural firms. Meanwhile, these firms include Gensler with over 200 local and over 1,000 international architects, and Perkins Eastman with over 250 local and over 450 international architects. As well as HOK with 220 local and over 1,000 international architects.

Due to the wide range of construction industry in New York, you will need to have a specialty. As such, securing a job at one of these top firms requires a solid grasp of the legal and technical language various parties use to communicate with each other. 

3. Seattle, Washington

Washington is one of the best states in the US for architects. Meanwhile, some of the top cities for architects in Washington include Seattle, Vancouver, and Spokane. Let’s talk about the capital city of Washington, Seattle. It’s also the largest city in the US Pacific Northwest and was ranked as the 4th highest-paying city for architects.

Architects in Seattle may earn an average salary of $92,000 per year. However, as an experienced architect, you can earn up to $154,000 per year. The lowest salary possibly recorded was around $39,627. Entry-level architects can earn between $69,000 and $99,000. 

4. Boston, Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts is also referred to as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s one of the top three states for architecture in the US. Its capital city, Boston, ranked as the 5th highest-paying city.

The average salary for an architect is $90,000 per year. While top-level architects can earn as high as $153,000 per year, the lowest can be around $39,500. In addition, entry-level architects may earn between $69,000 and $99,000 annually.

5. Dallas, TX

Although Dallas doesn’t offer a significant salary for architects compared to some of the cities above, it’s also a great place for architects. This city is one of the few in the US that has a low cost of living below the national average. Furthermore, Texas is one remarkable state that doesn’t tax its people’s income.

As an experienced architect, you can earn as much as $142,000 per year, while the lowest pay can be around $37,000. Additionally, it’s a rapidly growing city and therefore, one of the best cities in the US for architects.

Benefits of Working as an Architect

Working as an architect can have lots of benefits, but in this article, we’ll discuss just a few. Keep reading!

1. Salary

As an architect and with your training and experience, you can make a lucrative salary compared to other professionals in the general workforce. On average, an architect may earn an average salary of $96,500 per year. However, your salary as an architect will depend on the geographic area, employer, and professional experience.

Normally, when you become a more experienced architect in the field and complete some complex projects, you’ll earn more. Architects who complete postgraduate education and additional certifications will also have the potential to earn more money.

2. Use of Creativity

A career as an architect can be a great choice for people who enjoy thinking outside the box to develop new ideas. As architects continue to gain experience in the field, they focus more on design work, which allows them to use their creativity to build more innovative architectural plans.

Furthermore, these professionals usually design lots of proposals for clients and make adjustments to the designs to meet the project’s requirements. As an architect, you’ll get the opportunity to experiment with design concepts and consider other methods of achieving the project goals. They also use their creativity to create functional and aesthetic architectural plans.

3. Impactful Work

Architects design spaces and structures that can directly and indirectly have an impact on people and communities. For instance, an architect may work with city officials to develop a new community center, or they may help a family develop plans for their home.

Their major concern is that the buildings and spaces function correctly and keep people safe by designing structurally sound architectural plans. Oftentimes, architects work on projects that have been abandoned in communities for decades, thereby building a legacy through their work. Seeing your impact as an architect can help you feel passionate about this great profession.

Tips to Become an Architect

Below are some tips for pursuing a career as an architect. Scroll down!

1. Develop Skills

You must acquire skills that can help you be a successful architect. To work in this field, you must have outstanding creativity and visualization skills to help you create new ideas. And also imagine how the different parts of a specific space can come together to form a cohesive look.

Furthermore, these professionals usually use math and engineering concepts to specify measurements in their plans and ensure that a project meets structural requirements. You can also develop these skills by taking a variety of math and design classes. As well as working on projects like art, to develop your creativity.

2. Build a Portfolio

Building a professional portfolio can help architects showcase their work to potential clients. You should start building your portfolio early to help you show your skills and qualifications in architecture. However, if you’re working toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can include some school projects or designs in your portfolio.

When you apply for internships to gain experience, your portfolio can help you distinguish yourself from other candidates. By showing employers your commitment to the field. As you advance in your career, continue to update your portfolio, so you’re highlighting your best work.


We hope you find our comprehensive guide on 5 best states in the US for architects informative. All the best!

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