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Mail Processor Job Openings in Canada


Mail processors perform a variety of duties in order to process mail. They also apply advanced technical knowledge in a variety of customer service systems and equipment. Mail processors are responsible for a variety of tasks, including diagnostic, preventative maintenance, alignment, calibration, and overhaul. They work with a variety of equipment and systems, such as automated teller machines and postal systems. Their knowledge of computer systems and mail operation is key in this role.

Postal Service

Mail Processors perform a variety of clerk duties in the mailroom. They can expect to enjoy a fast-paced environment with occasional interaction with the public. A mail processor’s role also involves directing mail according to established routing schemes and using voice-recognition equipment. They also check mail for legibility and correctness.

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Postal Services employs over one million people, with a variety of career opportunities available. Among the available positions are Mail Processor, General Office, Accountant, Auditor, Secretary, and Administrative Assistant. There are also many other career fields within the Postal Service. Mail Processors sort and prepare mail for shipping.

Mail Processors need to have excellent attention to detail and physical stamina. They must also be able to bend and walk. In addition, they must be able to bend over and pick up batches of mail. Mail Processors work with Mail Clerks to sort mail and ensure that it gets to where it needs to go as quickly as possible. Some processors also drive trucks to deliver bulk mail.

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Duties of a mail processor

A mail processor’s main job is to organize and sort the mail. This role requires that they manage automated mail sorting equipment, load mail trucks, and pack packages according to delivery routes. They also perform a variety of other tasks such as maintaining records of mails and examining balances on advance deposit accounts. A mail processor must also know how to handle and store materials, and be able to work under pressure.

Mail processors must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, as well as training and experience. They also must pass a certification exam to prove their knowledge of postal service procedures. Aside from having strong organizational skills, they must also be able to work with their hands. Mail processors may need to lift heavy boxes to transport them to a destination. Furthermore, mail processors must pass a drug test and background check before they can begin work.

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Are you interested in working as a mail processor in Canada? This job requires you to sort and package mail. You may also be responsible for maintaining and operating machinery. This type of job requires a high school diploma or GED certificate and the ability to operate heavy machinery. However, many managers prefer to hire mail carriers.