Living and working in Dubai is a dream for all Travellers-Find out everything about the job and job scenario in Dubai. |
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Living and working in Dubai is a dream for all Travellers-Find out everything about the job and job scenario in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the southern part of the Persian Gulf. It is controlled by the prince, who is an independent sovereign. It is one of the famous regions of the UAE.


Dubai Economy

Dubai’s economy is focused mainly on its oil industry. It is most productive because of its vast oil resources. Dubai’s vast oil reserves have made it the largest oil producer in the globe. Although Dubai is not only dependent on oil for its economic growth. This fast-growing location also has several booming sectors such as;

Technology information (IT)
Health Care

Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s rapidly growing sectors have created many jobs. These lucrative jobs attract thousands of job seekers to Dubai every year. Posts require appropriate qualifications, level of experience and English language skills.

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Qualifications for jobs in Dubai

What qualifications do you need to succeed in Dubai?

Education – Despite the educational institutions being created every day, Education jobs are continually increasing. People from other countries travel down to Dubai to find these jobs. The lowest required is a bachelor’s degree in any specialization or field. Three to four years of experience in an educational institution add an advantage.

Information Technology (IT) – World-class infrastructure and facilities in Dubai have motivated many reputable IT companies to locate their bases there. Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM are some of the popular IT companies here. You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer applications or any equivalent diploma to secure computer jobs here. It is better also to have qualifications from reputable institutes. About four years of work experience in a reputed IT company is preferred.

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Retail – The growing number of shopping malls in Dubai has earned it the name “commercial capital for the Middle East”. It currently has more than 70 shopping centres and many boutiques, shops and stores. To find good retail jobs, you must have diplomas in retail management courses from rated institutions. MBA degrees are also a prerequisite.

Hospitality expenses – Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management is the lowest requirement for these jobs.

Dubai job sites

Job websites offer an easy way to search for jobs available in Dubai. These job sites provide the option to search for a job by country. You can use it to find attractive vacancies in Dubai. You can also save time by typing “Jobs in Dubai” in the Google search box. Visit the job sites that appear in the search results. You must register on these sites to apply for job offers posted there. Registration is free unless you decide to use one of the paid services offered by the sites. In this case, you must obtain a premium subscription.

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Employment consulting offices in Dubai

Are you looking for another effective way to find work in Dubai? Contact one of the recruitment agencies in Dubai. You must provide these companies with your CV in addition to professional and educational details. Companies will search for the best jobs for you based on your profile. They can also provide you with other useful services such as

Resume writing tips
Advice on prospects for working in Dubai
Information on the salary structure in Dubai
The candidate file is desirable


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