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Job Openings for Factory Workers in Canada

Manufacturing companies are hiring factory workers. They need people with a minimum education level, who can stand for long periods of time, lift minimum weight, and complete simple math calculations. They must also be able to follow all health and safety procedures. This type of employment is available at many production firms.


Welders remain the top in-demand manufacturing role for the fifth year in a row

The demand for welders continues to grow at a rapid rate. According to the most recent Employment Outlook for Canada report, there will be more than 45,000 welders in the Canadian workforce by 2020. Those in this role will be needed to repair, assemble, and replace mechanical components of various types of vehicles.

Other manufacturing jobs that are in high demand include Petroleum Engineers, which requires a Bachelor’s degree and is projected to increase by 34% by 2020. General and operations managers will also see a rise in employment of 314 jobs by 2020.

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General machine operators make a higher salary than factory workers

A general machine operator can earn a median salary of around $40,000 CAD, a significant increase over the average salary of factory workers in Canada. A general machine operator’s salary will be higher for men than for women. Those with more than 10 years of experience can expect to earn up to 52,300 CAD. Further, those with 15 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn up to 57,400 CAD. While experience is an important factor in determining earnings, education also plays a large role. Those with a university education and a diploma can expect to earn higher wages than those without one.

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The average salary for a General Machine Operator in Ontario is approximately $22,000 CAD. However, salaries can vary dramatically depending on the level of experience. Those with less than two years of experience can expect to earn around 22,800 CAD a year. In contrast, a Machine Operator with more than five years of experience can earn more than $36,000 CAD per year.

Maple Leaf Foods is Canada’s leading consumer-packaged protein company

Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest consumer-packaged protein company, has invested a total of C$660 million in a plant-based facility that will replace three aging legacy plants in Ontario. This new facility will have the capacity to produce chicken, turkey, and other value-added poultry products. Construction is expected to begin later this spring and production will begin by the end of 2020.

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Maple Leaf Foods has a diverse portfolio of products that include dairy, eggs, and dairy products. Its bakery division was sold off in 2014. The company now produces meat, poultry, and plant-based protein products. The company also recently acquired Lightlife and Field Roast, two plant-based protein companies.

The company is preparing to introduce more meat-free protein products to the market. The acquisition of Tempeh Foods, a company formerly owned by Conagra, will accelerate its plan to produce meatless protein products. The company plans to have the largest plant-based processing facility in North America by late 2020. It is already marketing plant-based products under the LightLife brand, which are intended to closely resemble meat in appearance and taste. The company also manufactures plant-based products under its own brands in Chicago and Seattle.