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Guide on How to Travel to Canada Without Passports

Before you go traveling to Canada, make sure you have your passport. Although there are several alternatives, you should follow the most restrictive recommendations. If you’re flying, you need a passport if you want to fly on an airline. If you’re not sure what you need, check out the US Department of State’s website to learn more about your options. You can also get an Enhanced Driver’s License or Super Visa, and use that as a valid travel document.



The NEXUS Card allows you to travel to Canada without passports as long as you have a corresponding NEXUS card. You can apply for a NEXUS card at the Canada Border Services Agency’s website or by visiting GOES, an official website of the US government. To renew your existing NEXUS card, follow the same application procedure. After you have selected your citizenship, you need to choose your NEXUS card renewal application.

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Enhanced Driver’s License

In most cases, travelers can get a U.S. Passport Card that allows them to enter Canada by land, sea, or air. However, some situations may call for an Enhanced Driver’s License, which proves your identity and citizenship. Currently, the Enhanced Driver’s License is available in New York and Washington, but this is not a universally accepted document.

Super Visa

If you’re wondering how to travel to Canada without a passport, you’re not alone. Many travelers don’t realize that it’s completely possible to enter the country without a passport, especially if you plan to travel by air. If you’re traveling without a passport, there are a few tips you can follow. If you’re visiting Canada for the first time, consider acquiring a passport for your trip.

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Canadian passport

In order to travel to Canada, you will need to have valid identification. A passport or a valid travel document issued by the country you are travelling to is preferred. However, other documents proving your nationality or identity are acceptable. If you do not have either, you could be delayed or denied entry to Canada. To make the process simpler, consider bringing two passports. These documents are different depending on the country you are traveling from.

Visa-exempt foreign nationals need an eTA to fly to or transit through Canada

To fly to or transit through Canada, visa-exempt foreign nationals must complete an online application known as an eTA. This form will require your passport, credit card and email address. There are a few questions that you must answer correctly. Having the incorrect passport number will prevent you from flying to Canada. However, if you’re applying online, you’ll get the eTA quickly and easily.

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Documents required to re-enter the U.S.

For those who are visiting the United States, there are specific travel documents needed to gain entry. These documents vary depending on the purpose for which you are traveling, as well as the type of visa you have. In general, you will need a passport, although there are exceptions. ESTA travelers must have a biometric passport. US visa applicants can also enter with a temporary passport. Green Card holders are also allowed to enter without a passport because their green card is considered a secure document by US authorities.


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