US Visa Information - Checkout for a unique reason to immigrate to the US |


US Visa Information – Checkout for a unique reason to immigrate to the US

Many people around the world travel to the United States of America using different categories of American visas such as tourist visas, students, K-1 spouses, family visas, green lottery cards, job. Many foreigners come to the United States to settle there temporarily or permanently. About thousands of people apply for different categories of American visas. Any foreigner who wishes to enter the local territories of the United States must benefit from American permission in the following scenarios.


If the person lives temporarily in 27 visa-free countries

If he is not a permanent resident of Canada or Bermuda

If the person is not allowed to travel to the United States without a visa category due to their criminal record or other anti-social practices

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Many other countries have adopted the method of granting visas to eligible people around the world because of security concerns for citizens and visitors.

Very sophisticated technologies are involved in the issuance of an American visa. Visa applications are examined in-depth, and interviews are carried out with visa consulates. The database available at US embassies explores all the details provided by the applicants.


The immigration process for the United States after at least one or two years after the applicant from different countries has submitted the immigrant visa application.

Two US visa categories

Immigrant visa – for people who want to settle permanently in the United States of America. In this case, the applicant must be sponsored by a citizen resident in the United States or by a professional business owner who requires a written certificate from the United States Embassy regarding the financial status of the sponsoring citizen of the visa applicant.

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Non-immigrant visa – Applies to people who reside outside of local United States territory but who seek to enter US national territory for a specific purpose that applies for a short period. There are many tangible reasons for obtaining a non-immigrant visa, such as medical treatment, travel, business conferences, and educational purposes.

 US visa fees

The US visa applicant must pay the visa interview fee of $ 131 (i.e., January 2008) to the visa consulate to interview that the consular officer who decides on the issuance of the visa will be given to qualified candidate qualified for interview. Round. The fees are not reimbursable if the visa applicant is rejected after the meeting. There are specific vital criteria that support the qualification of an American visa to enter the local territories of the United States of America.

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The immigration process to the United States is very hectic, lengthy, and costly. US visa applicants will have to pay $ 1,000 even after paying the processing fee for permanent stay in the United States

There are different categories of visas that allow a person to enter the local territory of the United States of America.

American visa categories

Tourist visa / B1 / B2
Work permit / H1B visa
Spouse visa / V visa
Artist/sports visa
Temporary visa
Visa Company
Student Visa F / J / M
American wedding visa


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