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Top 5 Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Immigration in Canada

Since those who have already gone through this process will be able to tell you, applying for permanent residence can sometimes be a daunting task as there is a lot of paperwork involved and it can sometimes be easy to get it wrong. To help make this process a little easier, the following article outlines the five common mistakes made during the application process.


1. Points are not calculated correctly

To become a permanent resident under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and most regional candidate programs, you will need to meet these point requirements. Points depend on your qualifications and experience and can sometimes be confusing as many people are unsure how many points to calculate. If you go through this process without the help of an immigration lawyer, make sure the positions are registered correctly, because if you do not meet the conditions of the places, your application may be rejected.

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2. Failure to correctly complete the forms

Many different forms must be completed when immigrating to Canada. When filling, all instructions should be read and followed carefully. During application, inconsistent information is sometimes also found; For example, sometimes a person does not write their name the same way in all forms. It is imperative that all the information you provide with your request is consistent or likely to be returned to you, and you will need to do so again. However, you have to be honest and fill out these forms with the corresponding information. Also, it is necessary to remember the signing of the forms at the appropriate points; This minor error can cause your application to return.

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3. Missing documents


Although they are different for each immigration category, many documents must be sent if you wish to become a permanent resident of Canada. Not only does it handle all the required documents, but it must also be processed in the correct format as they will sometimes request a photocopy, while at other times you will have to send the original. There is some confusion regarding the required documents; For example, a person is required to present their birth certificate, but it may never be granted, and they will need to know what materials can be sent as an alternative.

4. The National Occupational Classification Code (CNP) is not valid

Unless you have a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer, people who want to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program will need at least one year of experience from a list 29 jobs available. How it works is that each message has an icon, and it can sometimes be complicated to determine which site fits the system. To prove their practical experience, it is necessary to obtain a reference letter from a previous employer who can confirm a year’s experience, but if they decide that the skills of the reference letter do not correspond to the CNP code. , the application may be rejected.

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5. Choose the wrong visa office

If the application is not sent to the corresponding visa office, it will be returned to the sender. It is necessary to know who needs to receive your order for everything to go well.


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