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Top 10 Highest-Paying Oil and Gas Jobs in Canada



If you’re thinking about a career in oil and gas, there are plenty of rewarding and lucrative job opportunities available. You don’t need to go to college or possess the extensive experience to secure a high-paying position within this field.

Petroleum and petrochemical industry jobs offer some of the highest salaries in all industries. With a wide range of scientific, engineering, and mechanical roles available, you’re sure to find one that suits your skillset and interests perfectly.

1. Project Manager

Project managers create plans, delegate responsibilities and monitor project progress. They collaborate with teams to finish projects on schedule and within budget.

Project manager jobs offer great rewards, such as competitive pay and numerous advancement opportunities. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement for this position; however, many project managers possess higher degrees.

2. Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists utilize their knowledge of geology to locate oil and gas deposits. They may drill core samples, analyze rock samples in laboratories or conduct seismic studies.

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They may also conduct various tests, such as soil sampling and testing for petroleum traces. These assessments help them decide if a site is suitable to extract oil or gas.

3. Drilling Supervisor

Drilling supervisors are accountable for monitoring the daily drilling operations on a rig and developing and managing operational plans.

Drilling supervisors typically require a high school diploma as well as some training and experience. Some employers prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees in petroleum engineering or geology.

4. Lease Operator

Lease operators are accountable for keeping equipment running optimally so oil and gas can be produced. This job necessitates meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication abilities, as well as the capacity to work under duress.

A lease operator typically works on a rotating schedule and may need to travel across long distances in order to monitor and repair equipment. Furthermore, they must be available for emergencies at all times.

5. NDT Technician

Non-destructive testing technicians use radiography, ultrasound and other techniques to inspect products and structures for defects. These methods are usually time and cost efficient, helping reduce downtime as well as material waste.

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NDT Technicians work in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing and engineering. Additionally, they sometimes collaborate with professionals from other fields like chemistry or biology.

6. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers assess the location, quantity and quality of hydrocarbon deposits. Afterwards, you use sophisticated computer applications and mathematical models to maximize production.

This career is one of the highest paid oil and gas jobs in Canada, offering you an opportunity to travel the world and work in various cultures.

7. Geophysicist

Geophysicists study the properties and processes of Earth. With their skills, they can evaluate natural hazards, locate underground water sources and discover minerals like oil or gas.

This field necessitates extensive study and a strong professional commitment. Many large exploration companies require new hires to go through an intensive two-year training programme that introduces them to various geological and physics concepts.

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8. Pipeline Operator

Pipeline operators oversee and control the flow of oil, gas and other liquids through pipelines. Additionally, they inspect and repair pipeline equipment.

This job necessitates a comprehensive knowledge of science, math and engineering. Furthermore, flexibility is necessary since this field is rapidly developing.

9. Truck Driver

The trucking industry is essential to the overall economy and many towns, cities and countries depend on it for raw materials and other essential goods.

On average, truck drivers earn approximately 46,800 Canadian dollars annually or 24 CAD per hour, depending on experience and job type. However, several factors can influence a driver’s compensation package.

10. Accountant

Accountants provide financial and tax guidance to clients. They prepare companies’ annual reports and financial statements, as well as offering advice on investments and business strategies.

Accounting is a highly specialized field requiring expertise in tax law, mathematics, and business finance. Qualified accountants are in high demand both here in Canada and abroad.