Oloriegbe distributes Endowment Fund For The Best Science Students in AISS

Oloriegbe distributes Endowment Fund For The Best Science Students in AISS

Oloriegbe distributes Endowment Fund For The Best Science Students in AISS

It was a notable scene and a homecoming at the Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Ilorin, when the Old Students Association, met to stamp the 50th commemoration of the school since its commencement in 1971. The commemoration at the case of the Alumni Association and Ansarul Islam Secondary School, marks the brilliant celebration mark its presented as a local area school and was commended in amazing style.

Talking at the flag-off of the service, the Chairman Central Working Committee, Hajia Nimota Ibrahim said since the foundation of the school by Sheik Kamalideen Al Adaby the school has been adding history esteems to the whole Ilorin Emirate. She added that numerous projects were planned to praise the achievement however was dropped to consent to the security convention of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his comments, the leader of the Alumni, Dr. Abdullahi Olookoba, commended the endeavors of the state government since the foundation of the school adding they should keep on assisting the school with pushing ahead. He said the graduated class is intended to direct the issues of the school by acquiring advancement terms of staffing, actual construction among others.

As indicated by him, as a feature of our endeavors, we utilize the graduated class to assemble ourselves in other to improve the norm of the school in terms of the staff, actual design, and different things. We utilize the graduated class to contact the public authority since when an association connected with the public authority in the interest of a school, the public authority tune in to that association. We utilize the graduated class to connect with the persuasive individuals who are the result of this school.

The public authority has been giving a valiant effort to the school as far as the framework. In any case, we need them to proceed with this exertion. He said. Talking with the newsmen, the congressperson addressing Kwara Central Senatorial District, Sen. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, who is a graduated class of the school, swore to keep on supporting the school adding that some ventures are set up as of now.

I have been contributing and I will keep on doing that. I have been an individual from the Alumni Association previously and I do contribute to different Alumni projects even before I turned into a congressperson. Yet, when I was chosen, the graduated class affiliation came and disclosed to me that water is an issue in the school.

I have had the option to bore a borehole with the goal that the school can have water. Notwithstanding that, we have recorded some venture that is going to be executed. The remodel of homerooms just as prepare the science and lab building. Representative Oloriegbe educated the individuals with respect to the Alumni to consistently return together to provide for the school that made them. The embodiment of graduated class is to return together to provide for the organization that has made you what you are. Whatever I am currently today, it was because of the instruction, ability, morals that were imparted in me in this school.

All things considered, it benefits me and all other members of the graduated class to consistently come to make this spot a spot to be pleased with; to consistently contribute back to the school. He commented. The representative anyway vowed to invest the amount of One Million Naira to the best science understudy for a time of 10 years. Oloriegbe focused on that the amount of Twenty Five Thousand Naira will be won by the best understudies in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

He added the asset will be a persuading factor for the understudies to perform superbly and draw out the best in them. Likewise talking, the pioneer Head Boy and Head young lady of the school communicated hopefulness that The feature of the occasion was the congregational supplication for the originator of the school by the National Missioner of Ansarul Islam Society of Nigeria, Sheik Abdulmumeen Ayara. He further urged the graduate to work aggregately in advancing the tradition of the originator and to assimilate great motivation adding that the author was a copy of goodness.

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