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How to Migrate to the UK As a Receptionist

A career in the Receptionist industry offers attractive perks such as a generous pension scheme, health service discounts, 27 days of annual leave and bank holidays, and access to a range of additional benefits. While there are no formal entry requirements for a Receptionist job, employers do expect applicants to have good numeracy and literacy skills. Many employers also ask for GCSEs or other relevant qualifications. Receptionists may also have previous work experience that demonstrates their abilities. Upon entry, receptionists may wish to join organizations such as AMSPAR and BSMSA. These organizations offer newsletters and training to their members.


Work environment

There are many benefits of becoming a receptionist in the UK. Those who are in this profession have access to a generous pension scheme, health service discounts, and 27 days of annual leave. There are also no set entry requirements for receptionists, but most employers look for candidates who have good literacy and numeracy skills. They also look for people with relevant work experience. Many receptionists join associations such as BSMSA and AMSPAR, which provide training and newsletters.

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Receptionist salaries in the UK vary widely and depend on various factors, such as level of experience and education. Receptionists with less than two years of experience earn approximately 19,300 GBP per year, while those with at least five years of experience earn roughly forty-five thousand GBP. Salary increases are often dependent on experience and education. However, salaries for receptionists in the UK tend to be relatively stable.

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Career options

Receptionists can move into specialist roles. Many of these people find themselves working in finance, human resources, informatics, IT, or medical secretarial roles. Those with some relevant qualifications will find these positions attractive. Many employers also look favorably on applicants who have first aid or fire marshaling certificates. The skills required for such roles can be transferred to other sectors. If you’re considering a career change, here are some career options for receptionists in the UK.

Communication skills

While the majority of receptionist roles do not require a formal qualification, it is beneficial to have good communication skills and experience. While not essential for the job, most employers will expect applicants to have some qualifications, such as GCSEs. For those who do not have a relevant qualification, the National Careers Service or a local college can help you find courses to improve your English and Maths skills.

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The WDQ, or Work Discipline Questionnaire, was designed to measure the cognitive load of receptionists. The survey was completed by 70 participants: 54 of whom answered the questionnaire online and 16 responded via postal mail. Results suggest that the role is highly demanding in terms of cognitive load, with receptionists undertaking many significant tasks. Their work is social, requiring them to interact with colleagues and receive feedback from colleagues.